#AirIndiaScam- Zee News Exposes Another Big Scam of UPA government with PROOF

After the AgustaWestland scam, another scam of the UPA government is surfacing. According to a ruling by a Canadian court, Canadian company Cryptometrics gave kickbacks to officers of Air India in order to get tender for biometric facial recognition device.

Bio-metric facial recognition device is used to recognize of faces of passengers who travel. And from sources, we have learned that Air India did not actually need the device. This would mean that the requirement was created just for the scam.

On 24 February 2006, Air India had issued a RFP for the device and the tender for the same was given by 20 companies including Canada’s Cryptometrics. According to sources, Nazir, an NRI businessman based in Canada, had gotten hold on tender on 28th December 2005 while it was officially published on 24th February 2006. This shows his connections within Air India.

Here’s ZEE News Exposing the same:


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