Aishwarya Dhanush’s UN dance performance exposes how ‘Nepotism & Influence’ have superseded ‘Culture & Arts’

This article is an attempt to contemplate the nuances of the recent events surrounding the Indian Goodwill Ambassador for women empowerment and gender inequality – Aishwarya Dhanush, daughter of Tamil Nadu Super Star Rajinikanth.

We do respect the philanthropic ambitions and activities undertaken by United Nations (UN), which has and is creating awareness on many social causes. The ambassadors are the interface between the council and the rest of the world. Their successes are applauded but what about their misses? The very existence of the ambassador’s position is for the people. So people may as well have an opinion on their public activities.

The International Women’s meet on 8th march was on a global platform where representatives from across the world had gathered to celebrate, to showcase their cause and appreciate their contribution. This event was organised by India’s Permanent Mission to UN, and co-sponsored by America Tamil Sangam, a United States Tamils association.

Aishwarya was quoted saying – It (the event) has gotten me back to serious dancing and will be held on March 8, 2017 coinciding with International Women’s Day. Hence it is safe to assume here that she knew she was not ready for this part. With the event of Aishwarya Dhanush’s performance, people in India (mostly common people) had different take-a-ways.

For all those of you who have not had the opportunity to see the dance of Aishwarya Dhanush at UN, here is a spoof video which had been created by social media users. It is unfortunate that we had to show this spoof video since the original one had been taken down by “Divo” due to copyright issues.

India has always been placed on top order in the world in terms of culture and arts. Then why, being at such an important position and platform should someone choose to defame it? This was no college fest or cinema awards function where you can fool around.

Aishwarya is not a child to have committed a blunder unknowingly. One need not be a dancer to have an opinion in this regard. We have opinions on movies but we are not movie artists, we troll our ministers yet we are not politicians. We don’t even spare our Prime Minister.

Even a naive person could have called Aishwarya’s performance as brutal murder of Bharatnatyam and the irony is that this is dance form has originated from the state of Tamil Nadu, where she hails from!!!

Being a women empowerment ambassador, she could have empowered any one of the hundreds talented dancers from the state or country to showcase the actual art. What made her go take the centre-stage, greed of fame? There goes Women Empowerment!

Who can explain her very appointment as the Ambassador? We have multiple organizations, individuals who have sacrificed their comforts, time and money to serve the needy. But only the rich and influential get to be nominated. Doesn’t matter if you have the capacity and the will, having a popular surname will be enough. Would she have got this position if not for Superstar “Rajinikanth” as her father? There goes Gender Inequality!

With this episode the very thought of  ‘women empowerment’ and ‘gender equality’ committed suicide.

Anita Ratnam, accomplished Indian classical and contemporary dancer, had come out in strong criticism of this performance by Aishwarya Dhanush, even before it had occurred.

She had infact vehemently denied being involved in any part of this performance when ASIANET news channel had claimed that this performance had been choreographed by her.

Nepotism exists, not just in the movie industry but anywhere and everywhere the money goes. In this episode, why is the common man alone raising concerns? Why are the glitterati shying away? Maybe they are afraid that their own exploits will be exposed?

Danseuses and students of this art have been raising question and expressing their opinions on this dismal performance. But very discreetly their voices are being subdued but the influential close political associates of our Ambassador’.

The rich will have their way whenever needed with a stroke of cash. The middle man will always suck up for money and power. The common man, the audience will always have to take it as it is. Will these rich brats ever learn or pretend to learn their lessons and show some modesty?