AK Mishra :- The Incredible Journey Of the Man Who Shapes India’s Future Bureaucrats

The land of India stands witness to some of the finest Gurus (teachers) known to mankind. Starting from the legends of Arjuna and Dronacharya to the exploits of Chandragupta and Chanakya. A shishya (student) is the one who strives to chase his dreams. While a Guru (teacher) is the one who strives to help others in chasing their dreams. Like the ancient days, modern India is not devoid of great Gurus either. One such great Guru or shall we say ‘Success Guru’, as his students affectionately call him is Success Guru AK Mishra.

Starting his journey from an area, where even the word ‘remote’ sounds to be an understatement, AK Mishra has went on to become the Guru of India’s civil servants. Be it aspirants of IAS, IPS, IFS or any civil services, all of them seek guidance of AK Mishra. Mishra was born in a small village in the district of Hazaribagh, situated at Jharkhand’s Chota Nagpur Plateau. Today the village has road connectivity with some other bigger cities, but back in the growing up years of AK Mishra, situations were not so favorable. He had to travel 5 kilometers each day on  foot to reach his first school. Despite all the hardship, being son of a school principal, Mishra was studious from the very beginning. The daily hardship in the life of remote village in Hazaribagh, taught him the necessary lessons of life, something which would later go on to become his biggest strength. In the remote and disconnected areas of Chota Nagpur plateau, Mishra must have seen countless stretch of land and number of people who needed to be administered emphatically and effectively.

The small incidents, daily hardship and early life, taught Mishra the lessons which perhaps even the topmost of Universities couldn’t teach. Mishra received his initial education from a local village, college education from a district college, later pursued higher education from Delhi University, and possessed all the qualifications needed to become an administrator himself. But his dreams were different. He ventured out to develop what he calls ‘human software’, which he considers important for the effective administration of the country. AK Mishra believed in empowering students in the remotest areas of the country to qualify the civil services examination. A few years back, people used to believe a myth that only students in big cities of the country can qualify this exam, but Mishra was successful in clearing the misconception through his noble ideas and dedication.  “Any person, anyone with a healthy brain, can be trained to excel. Refuse to believe that one can and the other cannot, and first identify the special talent of a person and then develop it to meet the goal of choice,” says AK Mishra. AK Mishra began his project through various life transforming trainings, albeit the first significant step was the foundation of Chanakya IAS Academy in 1993. Since then AK Mishra has never looked back in life. In a period of 25 years since inception, Chanakya IAS Academy with over 4,000 selections has become the primary destination for civil service aspirants.

However AK Mishra’s vision and mission to inspire the country’s youth to learn art of success and developing ‘human software’, goes beyond just the academy. Some years back, he established his dream project by the name of ‘AK Mishra’s art of success’. And within years the project has touched every height of success one could dream of. In the ‘ AK Mishra’s art of success project’, Mishra holds life changing seminars across the world. AK Mishra also provides dedicated trainings for different spheres of life under his ‘Art of success’ project, namely Art of Success for Parenting, Art of Success for Successful, Art of Success for Professionals, Art of Success for Aspirers, Art of Success for Teenagers, Art of Success for Human Relationships. Recently he also authored a book named ‘Art and Science of Parenting’ along with  leading psychologist NK Chaddha and other senior psychologists of Delhi University.

A specialised team consisting of certified trainers, clinical psychologists, Neuro linguistic programming trainers, work under AK Mishra in the project. Today, AK Mishra has held his life transforming seminars in various public and private platforms and Universities across the country. Delhi, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Patna, Ranchi, Hazaribagh, Jammu & Kashmir, Guwahati, Lucknow, Pune, Mumbai, Aligarh, etc. and other countries such as London, Australia, are just to name a few countries, that have hosted AK Mishra’s seminars.

Apart from the ‘AK Mishra art of success’ and Chanakya IAS Academy, another brainchild of AK Mishra is the ‘AK Mishra Foundation’, through which he aims to help underprivileged section of the society . Recently his organisation held a medical camp in Delhi to improve health & well-being of unprivileged kids & their family living at the Khadar Slum of Laxmi Nagar. Where most of the people in today’s world are concerned about what they receive from the society, AK Mishra believes in giving back. The foundation has been working extensively in districts of Hazaribagh and Ramgarh and has conducted various awareness prrograms, trainings for self employment , and medical camps. The foundation has been  promoting sports through Olympic association and has taken various cultural and environment protection initiatives.

With his remarkable qualifications, he could have easily ventured out on a comfortable career. But he instead opted to take the hard-way. Beginning from a remote village of Jharkhand to going to become the Guru of India’s budding bureaucrats, AK Mishra’s journey is truly an inspiration for country’s youth. He has dedicated his life to the social cause and this journey continues to grow everyday.