This is how, Alert Citizens exposed Ex IPS Sanjiv Bhat , When he tweeted Fake Information

Sanjiv Bhatt is a former Indian Police Service officer from Gujarat. He is known for his role in filing an affidavit in the Supreme Court of India against the Chief Minister of the Government of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, concerning Modi’s alleged role in the 2002 Gujarat riots. He claimed to have attended a meeting, during which Modi allegedly asked top police officials to let Hindus vent out their anger against the Muslims. However, the Special Investigation Team appointed by the Supreme Court of India concluded that Bhatt did not attend this meeting, and dismissed his allegations.

In 2015, Bhatt was removed from the police service, on the ground of “unauthorised absence”. In October 2015, the Supreme Court quashed Bhatt’s plea for constituting a special investigation team (SIT) for cases filed against him by Gujarat Government. The court lifted a stay on his trial in these cases and asked him to face prosecution. The court observed that, “Bhatt was in active touch with leaders of rival political party, was being tutored by NGOs, was involved in politics and activism of creating pressure, even upon 3-judge bench of this court, amicus and many others.

Honorable Supreme court has also thrashed Sanjiv Bhat for his alleged political connections and providing baseless evidences. The supreme court openly said

“Sanjiv Bhatt did not behave like a senior IPS officer”


Read How Supreme Court THRASHED Sanjiv Bhatt’s Plea as Not Credible

Now, he is up to lying and tweeting posts with incorrect data, which was exposed by many with credible evidences. This is what he tweeted.

Within a matter of few hours, he got below reply with facts and figures of death of soldiers and army men during UPA regime.

Our mainstream media channels like NDTV selectively pics up cases and report it as fake news.Will this deliberate lie by crook ex police man like Sanjiv Bhat picked up by likes of NDTV and self proclaimed liberal and secular media houses?