All India Sunni Ulama Board urges Muslim voters not to cast their votes for BJP and TRS

Syed Shah Hamid Hussain Shuttari, president, All India Sunni Ulama Board (AISUB), called on Muslims to protect secularism and throw out communal forces in the Lok Sabha elections across the state.

“The Muslims should not forget the past sufferings under the PM’s leadership. Many Muslims were killed and injustice done in Alair encounter case here. The Mecca Masjid blast accused have gone scot free and there are other issues, which Muslims need to think about and vote against the communal forces,” said Syed Shah Hamid Hussain Shuttari.

“In light of these issues, the All India Sunnia Ulama Board want Muslims voters to not vote for saffron and pink parties in the elections,’’ he appealed. Muslims comprise 12 % of the 3.5 crore population in Telangana.

“It is the time for the people to take note of the farmers’ participation in Nizamabad and realise that responsible citizens must take part in the election process in the future and trigger a collapse of the decades-long political dominance of communal forces,’’ suggested the AISUB president.

The AISUB alleged that KCR has a secret alliance with BJP and has failed to fulfill his promises made to the Muslims before the formation of Telangana.

“CM KCR has gone back on his words of Muslims being provided 12 percent reservation and protection of Waqf properties. In return, Waqf mafia is indirectly being given free hands to loot expensive property belonging to TSWB. If any Muslim votes for TRS, it will be a gain for BJP,’’ alleged Shuttari.