PM Modi all set to join British adventurer Bear Grylls on a special episode of Man vs Wild

On Monday, British adventurer Bear Grylls made a ground breaking announcement that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will appear on his internationally acclaimed survival show, Man vs Wild. Grylls, in the snow exhibits his survival skills from some of the most challenging and tough landscapes around the world.

Prime Minister Modi will be making the special appearance on August 12th episode of the series. The people from India and across the world have will get to see a never before seen avatar of PM Modi as he ventures into the wilderness of Uttarakhand along with Bear Grylls.

In a sneak-peek of the show that was shared by Grylls on his Twitter account, PM Modi can be seen riding a small dinghy in a river along with the adventure travel show host.

In another scene, PM Modi is seen welcoming Grylls to India and holding up a weapon carved out of bamboo and other material collected from the forest and saying, “Main aapke liye isko mere paas rakhunga (I will keep this with me for you).”

To this, Grylls replies with a laughter, “You are the most important man in India, my job is to keep you alive.”

The show has been shot as a means to promote awareness on animal conservation and environmental change.