All the cricket matches which people see are fixed, like a movie: Bookie Sanjeev Chawla

In a set of sensational claims made to the Delhi Police, bookie Sanjeev Chawla has claimed that “no cricket match is fairly played” and “…all the cricket matches which people see are fixed”.

In addition to that, he said, “a very big syndicate/underworld mafia” influences all cricket games and were like “movies which are already being directed by someone.”

The claims were made by the bookie in a supplementary charge sheet written to the police. The bookie, while confessing that he was involved in match-fixing, added that he could not give more details as “a very big syndicate/underworld mafia is involved in this matter and they are dangerous people and if he says anything they will get him killed.” However the letter does not contain Chawla’s signature.

Chawla is the Prime accused in the Hansie Cronje 2000 match-fixing case. On March 28, a Delhi court dismissed the bail application moved by Chawla. The bookie sought bail on the grounds that there is a threat of contracting coronavirus inside the “unhygienic” Tihar Jail.

Chawla had also claimed to have received life threats from various persons and said that the jail inmates made extortion demands from him.

But earlier this month, Chawla was granted bail by the court, saying the accused was in custody for the last 76 days and the probe was already completed in the case.

The court, however, directed him to give his voice sample and handwriting specimen to the investigating officer in the case.

The British court documents say that Chawla is a Delhi-born businessman who moved to the United Kingdom on a business visa in 1996 but continued to make trips to India.