The desperation of approval will be the root cause of extinction of Hinduism

Hinduism or if we say correctly, Sanatan Dharm is such a beautiful concept that it has lived for centuries and survived the worst attacks. Yes, you read it right. I called it a concept and not a religion. Do you know why? It is because we had stopped considering it a religion long time ago. The beliefs that come under Sanatan Dharm are so vast that putting them under the single roof is next to impossible. Rather than sticking to some basic rules and using additional aspects as regional beliefs, we all just modified the root itself making it a genetically modified religion which has no feature of religion left whatsoever.

With the inclusion of beliefs from other faiths and religions, unlinking our families and children from God and following only Godmen, and alternate theories of existence and beliefs have made Hinduism such a complex structure that no one wants to put a hand in this mess. We have become so desperate for the approval of other religions and non-believers that in order to get their support we are falling deeper into the darkest pit of hell every day.

The amazing case of Baba Saheb Ambedkar

I seriously admire this ma. Do I worship him? No, I do not. I believe that he was one great leader who has done some good for a small section of society. This section of society needed a raise from their status. It is because the past had done some ruthless deeds to them. But do I think that my faith and my religion needs his approval? No, I do not think so. He was completely against Hinduism and never said a single word that will justify his or his followers’ approval for my faith.

Dr. Ambedkar played an important role in shaping the constitution. But somehow he missed to include the possibility that those who actually need the raise from their status may get crushed between the caste-based politics. Though his intentions might be right, the end result is eating up India. While we are living in a time when we have to mention the caste and religion of the president and prime minister of India, the players of the caste-based politics are burning India. Dr. Ambedkar is a big reason behind all this. Not because he created this ecosystem because all of this is happening in his name. Yes, it is unfortunate but it is true.

The comments by Arun Shourie

In his latest book “Worshipping False Gods” Shourie has mentioned that there is not even a single instance which shows the involvement of Dr. Ambedkar in the struggle for independence. He said that Dr. Ambedkar was always in favor of the British rule and he firmly believed that Britishers should be thankful for the untouchables because it was their army who helped the British in conquering India.

The rise of caste War of 2018

The opposition parties in India are desperate for a win right now. They are pulling every possible angle to start a caste or religion based war in the country to cause unrest and create problems for the ruling party. The more Narendra Modi government tries to talk about development, the more opposition parties play the caste card via different channels. The year of 2018 begins with unrest in Maharashtra which is not going to end in one state. If not controlled in time, it will spread like a wildfire in other states as well.

The problem is, those who need support are not getting it since independence. They are still struggling to mark their importance in the economy and society. Unfortunately, it is because of these opposition parties only who were ruling the country from last many years that these unfortunate souls are dying every day. Now the same parties are making them angrier via so-called Dalit leaders like Jignesh, Khalid, Rashid, and Vemula.

If not controlled in time, Hinduism is not the only concept which is going to get a clean sweep from the face of this earth but this country as well will face a bitter end. It is high time that we all unite and stop asking for approval. I still believe that there should be no caste-based discrimination. There should be no religion-based discrimination. Everyone should get an equal chance over resources. Everyone should have a chance of good education. But, this should not come at the cost of a revenge of “what my ancestors did.” It was their karma. They will suffer in some life. It is not my karma. I am not going to ask for approval.

Jai Bhim – Maybe?