American Ambassador to India wants military cooperation between India and USA

During a Q&A session at New Delhi the US Ambassador to India, Kenneth Juster touched upon various issues between the two countries including terrorism, trade and military partnership. He specifically said that US will not tolerate cross-border terrorism and safe terror havens anymore. A statement in which many believe ambassador referred to Pakistan, specially after US froze all the aids to that country.

The ambassador said that both the Nations have suffered because of terrorism hence there is mutual interest in eliminating such forces.

“Each of our countries has suffered horrific terrorist attacks and continues to be targeted. We have a strong mutual interest in eliminating this threat to our societies,”Juster said.

“President Trump and other US leaders have been clear that we will not tolerate cross-border terrorism or terrorist safe havens anywhere. As part of this effort, last month we launched the first ever US-India Counterterrorism Designations Dialogue. We need to continue to enhance the sharing of information, designations of terrorists, combating of financial crimes and networks, and disruption and dismantling of terrorist camps and operations, both regionally and globally,” he further added.

Speaking about suspension of Pakistani aids he said that they feel Pakistan has not done as much as they could have in battle against terrorism in Afghanistan.
“Don’t think we will get stability in Afghanistan if Pakistan does not positively contribute. That was the major factor behind the suspension as we feel they have not done as much as they could in eliminating terror sanctuaries in Pakistan that are contributing to instability in Afghanistan.”

The ambassador also talked about taking the defence relations to a next level.
On defence cooperation through military exchanges, Juster said: “Our experience shows that these exchanges qualitatively increase familiarity and build trust based on relationships developed and nurtured in the classroom and in other settings. Over time, we should expand officer exchanges at our war colleges and our training facilities, and even at some point, post reciprocal military liaison officers at our respective combatant commands.”

Speaking about trade and business he said India can become the alternative to China USA is looking for. He also made it clear that there is no conflict between ‘Make in India’ and ‘America First’ policies of respective governments as the aim of both are to expand jobs for citizens.