American Animated Tv FAMILY GUY Mocks India’s ‘Cow Vigilantes.!

Family Guy is one of the most popular adult animated (cartoon) TV sitcom shows in both the USA and Australia.

Created by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company, Family Guy takes a unique but twisted view of the world.

Of all the main characters, the duo of Brian and Stewie are most popular with audiences.

Last year, the Family Guy broadcast an episode that dealt with the Indian Gau Rakshaks (‘Protectors of Cow’ also known as the Cow Vigilantes).

Since 2012, a few cow protection groups are spearheading a campaign against the killing of cows or beef ban in India.

Traditionally, cows are considered sacred in Hinduism.

Many Indians worship the cow as it is considered the mother of all creatures.

Although primarily started to protect cattle, open cattle shelters and advocate for the promotion of cattle protection, some Gau Rakshak members have turned into cow vigilantes.

They have been in the news lately for their alleged involvement in the numerous incidents of mob lynching cattle traders.

Family Guy’s episode called “Road to India” features a 30-second scene in episode 20 of season 14, the clip of which, titled ‘Quick Push the Red Buttons’ is now doing the rounds of social media.

WATCH VIDEO: Family Guy: Quick Push The Red Buttons

The plot of the episode centers on Brian and Stewie flying down to India in search of Brain’s love Padma. But it does feature Indian men with ‘red tilak’ (mark) on their forehead.

The show refers to this ‘red tilak’ as ‘red buttons’ which is considered highly offensive by Indians.

As ’tilak’ is mostly worn every day in many parts of India by sadhus (religious men) and householders.

On special religious occasions, it is worn as a sign of the deity’s blessing for both men, women and even foreign tourists.

The four men seen in the clip are Gua Rakshaks who are shown as being sensitive about Stewie and Brian’s demand for a steak.