Amid rising number of Love Jihad cases, Yogi govt mulling an ordinance

With reports of ‘Love Jihad’ on a rise across the country, Yogi Adityanath led Uttar Pradesh may be going to be the first state to bring an ordinance in this regard. ‘Love Jihad’ refers to purported module where Muslim men lure women from other communities on the pretext of “love” to get them converted into their faith.

In an administrative meeting on Friday, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath reportedly asked officials to formulate a strategy and “bring an ordinance if required to prevent religious conversions in the name of love.”

“It has been seen in the recent past that women have been made to convert in the name of love and marriage and later subjected to cruelty and even murder,” news agency PTI quoted an official, who did not wished to be named.

“Taking a serious note of such incidents, the CM has directed that a concrete strategy be made to control such incidents,” he added.

In a most recent case, a 42 year old man named Abdullah was nabbed by the Meerut police for luring and kidnapping girls from other communities by faking his identity, even as be had four legally wedded wives.

As per an unofficial estimate, around 20,000 cases of Love Jihad are registered across India on a teary basis.

Last year, the Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission had submitted a report to Mr. Adityanath, suggesting a new law to check forcible religious conversions.

“The report was submitted along with a draft legislation, the Uttar Pradesh Freedom of Religion Bill, 2019,” Law Commission Secretary Sapna Tripathi had said.

The report was prepared after going through pre- and post-independence laws in the country, and neighbouring countries like Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, besides keeping in mind court judgments.