Amidst all the negativity, this positive news about how Prime Minister helped poor patients of West Bengal went unnoticed

Amidst all the negative news that occupy the larger portions of newspapers and television news bulletins, the positive ones often get missed or sometimes deliberately ignored. One such positive story that went completely unnoticed by the mainstream media is about how the Minister of State for heavy industries Babul Supriyo and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi jointly helped poor patients from West Bengal.

Very recently the Minister of State for Heavy Industries, Babul Supriyo had requested the Prime Minister to help some poor patients who couldn’t afford the expenses of their treatments. The Prime Minister swiftly responded to the request of his Minister and helped the needy patients in their tough times.

Kalidasa Keora and Babujan Murmu, are two individuals who belong to different parts of West Bengal. Recently both of them underwent heart surgeries at different hospitals. But what connected both these men who may never meet with each other is the help they received from Prime Minister in their treatments. The Prime Minister’s office granted both of them an assistance of rupees 50,000 on the request of Minister Babul Supriyo.

The other person who received a similar help from the Prime Minister was Bhamasis Garvi from Bhabanandapur Village. Bhamasis Garvi was undergoing a kidney transplant at Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences Kolkata. The PMO assisted him in his treatment by granting a sum of rupeees 2,70,000. Like Babujan and Kalidasa, his help also came over a request made by Babul Supriyo.

The media often ignores positive news stories because these are not very sensational and will not send chills down the spine of readers. There’s no place for positive and good news in priority list of Indian media editors nowadays. But we believe that this kind of news needs to be covered because they give a hope about the future of our Nation and humanity.