Amit Shah Announces, Shivraj Singh Chauhan as the leader for 2018 elections.

Bhopal: On his visit to Madhya Pradesh, the BJP National President, Amit Shah clarified that BJP will contest the 2018, Vidhansabha Elections under the leadership of Shivraj Singh Chauhan only.

“I must clarify on record that the 2018 assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh will be contested under the leadership of Shivraj Singh Chouhan,” said Shah during a chat with editors on friday.

The BJP National President, also praised the Shivraj government at another event, saying that “Bimaru” tag has been removed from the BJP ruled states, such as MP, Uttrakhand, Rajasthan.
But during the entire visit, Amit Shah maintained a silence over the future of Madhya Pradesh State BJP, President Nandakumar Singh Chauhan, who recently finished his term as the state President.

Shah while addressing the party workers at a regional party office said “We expect no less than 200 seats in the assembly and all 29 seats in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections,”
he also put a rest to all the speculations of him becoming a minister, saying
“My term as a legislator in Gujarat is nearing completion, so I opted for the Rajya Sabha. Now, I will continue working for the party. I will remain in the organisation and will never join the Union cabinet. I am announcing this officially.”