Amit Shah slams West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee over her statements about NRC

BJP National President, Amit Shah lashed out at West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee for allegedly politicising the NRC process in Assam. The BJP President accused Banerjee of spreading confusion in the Country.

Amit Shah said that Mamata Banerjee should update her General knowledge. He said that he is stunned by the speeches of Mamata Banerjee in which she spoke of ‘civil war’. “The country has already been divided once by the fear of civil war, what does she mean from civil war? How would a civil war start? She should clarify,” said Amit Shah.

Later during interaction with media personnel, Amit Shah alleged that vote bank comes first for Mamata Banerjee, whereas Nation interests are first for them (BJP). He also made it clear that, Indian citizens, belonging to any state, would not be disturbed in Assam.

Earlier in the day, speaking at an event organized by Catholic Bishops Conference of India, in Delhi, Mamata Banerjee launched scatching criticism on the NDA government and NRC process at Assam. “If Bengalis say Biharis can’t stay in Bengal, South Indian people say North Indians can’t stay there and North Indians say South Indians can’t stay here. What will be state of this country, because we are together,” Mamata Banerjee said.

“Only to win polls people can’t be victimised. Don’t you think people who’s name isn’t in list will lose a part of their identity? Please understand India-Pakistan-Bangladesh were one before partition. Whoever came from Bangladesh to India till March 1971 is Indian citizen,” she added.