Amit Shah threatens us by raising his finger: Asaduddin Owaisi accuses Home Minister of threatening opposition

AIMIM MP, Asaduddin Owaisi alleged that those who do not support BJP’s decisions are dubbed as ‘anti-nationals’ by the party. He also alleged that Union Home Minister Amit Shah threatens opposition leader by raising fingers.

“Whoever doesn’t support their (BJP) decisions, they call them anti-nationals,” said Owaisi.

“Amit Shah threatens us by raising his finger but he is just a Home Minister, not God. He should read rules first,” he said.

The Lok Sabha on Monday witnessed some uproar during a discussion on the National Investigative Agency (Amendment) Bill, 2019 as Home advised AIMIM to listen to the speeches of other MPs after the member had contested the remarks of a BJP MP Satyapal Singh in the House.

“I would like to quote some of the cases and when we talk about Malegaon, we should talk about Hyderabad also. In Hyderabad, I know specific cases and not only one. I can quote many cases here when it was being made political just because it did not suit the political interests or a political party,” Singh, a former top police official, said.

“In Hyderabad, I remembered a very specific case when one of the police commissioners probing Mecca Masjid blast arrested some of the suspects from the minority community. The Chief Minister himself called the Police Commissioner and told him to not do this or else he would lose his job,” he added.

There was an uproar created by the Opposition with Owaisi demanding that the ruling party should place on the table of the House the conversation of the Hyderabad Police Commissioner.

Amid the uproar, Shah told Owaisi to make a habit of listening to the speeches made by members in the House.

“When A Raja sahab was speaking, why you did not stand up? He said so many things and it was as per the House rules. We heard it patiently. Make it a habit to listen to speeches, Owaisi sahab. This will not be accepted,” said Shah.