An Open Letter to PM Modi on ‘Internal Enemies’ to tackle after recent Pulwama terror attack

Dear Prime Minister Modi,

It has indeed been a dark 10 days for India. 44 Indian security personnel from the CRPF have been ruthlessly murdered by an Islamic terrorist. What a loss! It is beyond words to express the grief and sorrow for the family of the soldiers who were only doing their duty for their nation.

Rightly so, every Indian worth the salt is outraged enough by this despicable act. Even you had mentioned that in your speech. You had also said how our neighbors (Pakistan) had committed a grave mistake with such an interference and that there will be consequences. You have also initiated actions in this direction. Every patriotic and nationalistic Indian wants action against Pakistan. Social media is full of such outrage.

Though I too support you and our fellow countrymen in this regard, I also firmly believe that this action would be at best a short time, temporary fix. A band aid, if you will. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In this case the weakest link is not outside the country. It is inside, here in Bharat. It consists of several people with strong ideologies, engaged in several occupations. Any action that you take without fixing the internal issues would only be, as I said, a band aid fix.

Ideally these people and ideologies should have already been dealt with. Instead they have been treated with kid gloves till now. It was expected by a large section of people who voted for you in 2014, including me, that you would deal firmly with them. But you haven’t in these four and half years. At least not yet. I wouldn’t know the reason(s) for this inaction, but I do believe that you have been aware of this expectation from your supporters. It is possible that the probability of this terrorist attack, along with several such acts could’ve been heavily reduced if a surgical strike(s) on the internal enemies had taken place.

Let me explain what these internal enemies and still existing threats are that have still not been acted upon.

1)  The Left-Political class – No it is not just communists. It is everyone who identifies with the Left politics from the obvious communist parties to even the Congress party. There are several hundred other parties in between. It is true that politically they have been uprooted throughout India. But they still wield power in education, media etc, which will be dealt later in this letter. But the fact is they have been successful in politicizing almost everything without being in power. When we talk of other political parties and individuals, take for eg, ‘Naam Thamizhar Katchi’, which is run by Seeman in Tamilnadu. A few years ago he hosted the Kashmir separatist leader Yasin Malik in a meeting in Tamilnadu. Even now he has released a statement saying that we can’t blame Pakistan for the attack. Everyday he spews venom against North Indians, Brahmins, Indian and Hindu culture. Lakhs of youths, even educated ones, are being brainwashed, misled by him. Yet not action that could stop his propaganda has been taken. There are several such organizations lead by people in this state and elsewhere and yet they enjoy complete freedom in forwarding their anti-national propaganda without any consequences.

2) The Media – Of course this has been talked about so comprehensively by many people, including you. But can I ask you a question Sir – What happened to the legal actions that was initiated against NDTV? Are we to believe that your govt is so weak that you can’t even proceed successfully with the case against a TV channel that is fully corrupt? A former editor of that same channel, Barkha Dutt literally informed the terrorists about the places where people were hiding during the 11/26 attack. She still remains free. She has been hired by Washington Post, and now works for another new news channel. In the meantime, thousand more copycats and more vicious Barkhas have taken over the media. What has been your response? Your leaders still attend their TV shows and bless their news outlets. India Today came out with an article a few days ago, trying to humanize the vicious perpetrator of the Pulwama attack. The article said that he became a terrorist because of the security forces in J&K. Yet you and your party leaders attend their shows, give interviews, etc. Perhaps if appropriate action was taken against Burkha Dutt when she humanized Burhan Wani as a headmaster’s son, this attempt to defend a terrorist wouldn’t have taken place.

3) Educational Institutions –  perhaps your biggest failure out of everything. The educational curriculum is overrun by completely communist propaganda and what does your Minister for Human Resources proudly declares – that he hasn’t changed a single thing in the syllabus! It is still compulsory for UPSC wannabes to read ‘The Hindu’ to prepare for the UPSC exam. Ministerial organizations under your govt regularly invite leftist intellectuals, media people to address their officials and train them as well. We still have lessons after lessons on Mughals but just a passing passage about the Cholas or the Vijayanagara kingdom. Like the chickens that come home to roost, the poison that has been fed by the curriculum in our educational institutions has given place for individuals who denigrate our soldiers, our army, our internal security, our Indian culture daily. The point is while it could be blamed that this mess is due to the six decades of Congress rule, your government hasn’t even taken a symbolic step in changing it, nor has it expressed any intention to do so in the future.

When Mani Shankar Aiyar asked the Pakistanis for help to get rid of you, he should’ve been slapped with sedition charge and thrown into jail. But nothing like that happend. Rahul Gandhi travels without SPG cover and meets whoever he wants without the knowledge of the government and he isn’t even reprimanded by law or by the parliament. Tulsi Gabbard, the Congresswoman from the U.S was taken to task by the U.S Congress representatives and the media when she made an unannounced visit of Syria as part of her fact finding tour. Thats how much they take it seriously when one of their politicians, irrespective of their party affiliation, meets someone from their enemy country without their government knowledge.  But what has been our response? Nothing.That sends a message to the enemy that there are people and resources who will welcome their interference into the affairs of India and that they can do it with immunity. Why, even you promised that there will be a ‘discussion’ about Article 370 if elected during your 2014 campaign. But nothing has happened on that front. Instead you hobnobbed with PDP even after a load of criticism from your supporters.

At the outset, you might think that what has been mentioned here has got nothing to do with the attack at Pulwama. But I beg to differ. This constant attempt to de-indianize, de-Hinduize our educational institutions, media and politics has successfully  laid the foundation for such terrorist attacks. It has desensitized our own people from thinking about the prosperity and the security of our nation. Again you might believe that all of what has been written here is something that has already been spoken about many times in the past and is probably very much in sync with your own ideology or beliefs. But what is the net outcome?

And can you please drop the charade that this is some sort regional fight against terrorists going on in Kashmir. It is not. Logically, a fight can’t ensue between two sides with varying objectives. The two sides should agree for what they are fighting for. And in this case, the enemy is quite clear on what he his fighting for. He proudly believes and claims that his fight is against the kafirs. It is only us who seem to be under the delusion that we are fighting for ‘Kashmiriyat’ or one such hollow claims.

It is incredible to see that there are so many Indians who are against India while living inside it. In no other big, successful democratic country (let alone undemocratic countries like China) would you find this phenomenon. U.S still successfully holds on to Hawaii and Puerto Rico with approval from almost all Americans. It could be argued that no action could be taken against them just because they hold an opinion, but they certainly could be held accountable when that opinion goes against the national security or hurt the majority of Indians. Just last week Pakistan in the ICJ showed articles written by Indians published in Indian Media to prove their case. If you were going to be called as a dictator or smother-er of FOE by these elements, you might as well have done something to deserve that credit. At least then you would’ve contributed something substantial in getting rid of this menace instead of where we are now.

Until you tackle this issue of these internal enemies, no amount of attacks on Pakistan or any other country will fully solve the problem. They will all be only temporary fixes. There will probably be more attacks, if not now, then in 10 years. But if you do weed out these elements then we can deal with thousand more Pakistans with ease and our external enemies will also know not to mess with us. The elections are very near, and you probably don’t have enough time to take actions against this menace now. But if and when you come back into power after the elections, I would strongly urge you to be very quick and decisive in dealing with these people and their institutions. If not, we will always be a nation susceptible for more attacks from our enemies.

Jai Hind

Vande Mataram

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SatyaVijayi