Dear Rahul Gandhi aka Raul Vinci,

Usually your vacations are so discreet and long lasting, it generally takes around 56 days just to reach out to you. But for a change, it is pleasant to know that you are only a short call away sitting in Delhi. Although this unprecedented accessibility of yours is only reserved for the aide of politically motivated victims like Rohith Vemula, Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid, still none the less, you are breaking a sweat for your party and that deserves some credit.

It is not unusual to notice that one can see the frequency with which you accuse an organization called Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) these days. For someone who aspires to be crowned as the Prime Minister of India, you seem to be lacking tremendously in historical chronology of this Nation. Let us go back to the year of 1947 during which the entire world witnessed a bloody carnage of Hindus and Muslims due to their exodus from Pakistan and India respectively.

The term “Akhand Bharath” might not strike a chord with you but it has always been one of the biggest aspirations of RSS. Unfortunately this emotional appeal of RSS could never be translated into picture as the terror of Muslim League aided by few spectacular goof ups from selective Congress leaders ensured Akhand Bharath was mutilated into India and Pakistan. Sardar Patel salvaged the best of India that he could do, hoping that someday in future India’s citizens can look back and be proud of this Nation.


During this partition, millions of masses migrated from India to Pakistan and vice-versa. This mass exodus also translated into mindless fanaticism where Hindus/Muslims alike, ambushed each other’s camps to quench their parched souls of anger by drinking the blood of one another. Unfortunately before the masses could begin migrating, most the British Officials who knew the lurking dangers, withdrew from sensitive border areas, fearing for their lives. One of the many organizations which provided as a relief to these stranded souls on either side of the borders was RSS. It is on record that Gandhi who visited several such camps was fascinated by their ability to work together by breaking down caste barriers.

Few eminent historians suggested this wild theory that Sardar was elated on hearing the ban of RSS in 1948 but his letter in July 1949, expresses only joy from his end when the Indian Government decided to lift it’s irrelevant ban on RSS. Fast forwarding to the year 1963, this was the year when India was recovering from the traumatic defeat in the hands of People’s Liberation Army during Indo China war. Nehru, your grandfather, who was considered one of the bitterest critic of RSS, invited 3500 Swayamsevaks to march in the 1963 Republic parade.


“Still doesn’t ring a bell to you does it?”

The next biggest RSS conspiracy that you can come up with is that, RSS is an organization which symbolizes Nathuram Ghodse, the man who killed Mahathma Gandhi. Nathuram Ghodse was indeed an RSS member but just to bring to your notice, Ghodse killed Gandhi in 1948 but mind you he quit from RSS way back in 1930s. Keeping in mind that Ghodse was hanged within months of his conviction, it was a unanimous decision to hang him and there was hardly any sort of protest against his hanging unlike what is the case for “Afzal Guru the terrorist”.

If you still don’t agree with this logic, then let us take the example of how Jinnah and many members from Muslim League were part of Congress in the early 1920s. Could you here say that Congress housed Anti Nationals? Also it was Congress’s N S Kajrolkar who defeated Dr. B R Ambekar in the 1st Lok Sabha elections. Will you here say that Congress defeated the very ideals of a man who created constitution of India?

Okay now let’s look at the Sikh riots of 1984. While your father was mourning his mother’s loss, his emotionally motivated mindless statement of “When a big tree falls, the earth shakes”, was exploited by many a Congress workers to go on a rampage against Sikhs. Again in this case it was the RSS who came to the rescue. Khushwant Singh, the man who has been constantly favoring your grandmother’s (Indira Gandhi) ideologies, heaped praises on RSS for their selfless service to the affected Sikh communities.

Now here at this point of the letter, I want to stop to take a minute and ask you a very serious question.

“Just a few days after the entire Nation was rocked by the Terror attack of 26/11 in Mumbai during 2008, what were you doing partying in the outskirts of Delhi?”

What is so funny to me is that a man in his mid-forties, who at this time occupies the position of a Kingmaker in the oldest ruling party in India, is questioning an undivided 91 year old organization which has its single motto or serving the Nation. You keep boasting of being part of an ideology which is 125 year old but sadly didn’t anyone tell you that your Grandmother Indira had already split the ideology into Congress (I) and Congress (0) in 1969.

The relief operations carried out by RSS and its Swayamsevaks in the recent natural calamities of Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir and Tamil Nadu should alone stand testimony of how you are only making a fool out of yourself for branding RSS as an organization which is out to divide India. The most ironical part of this statement is that you keep speaking these fiery speeches from campuses of JNU and University Of Hyderabad, which has been branded at several instances as an Anti-National den by members from your own UPA Government.


Now let us come to the present situation where leaders of Congress seem to accuse RSS of not hoisting the National Flag in their headquarters from 1950 to 2002. This can be refuted with two points, Firstly, RSS started hoisting the National Flag after the alterations in the Flag code in 2002 which allowed National Flag to be hoisted in private buildings. Secondly it is clearly stated in the resolutions passed by RSS to participate and celebrate Republic Day, Independence Day or any such day which celebrates Nationalism in India. So that there has been no such conspiracy planted by RSS in order to stop its Sevaks from hoisting the National Flag.


Although I have not been a member of RSS, I have had the opportunity to visit few of their meetings. They begin their meetings with a patriotic song about Bharath Matha and end the meeting with a song which symbolizes peace in this Nation. Unfortunately for Congress workers, the party begins and ends with the Nehru family. Remember the sycophancy slogan “Indira is India and India is Indira” by D K Barooah in 1976?

Your tactless statements of suggesting that “RSS had threatened to kill Rohith Vemula” will probably have serious implications in future. I would like to conclude this letter by hoping that RSS would take your maligning statements about them very seriously and sue you for all that you have got. If that happens, as you know, Subramanian Swamy will be first in the line to appear for the RSS and we all know what is happening in National Herald 🙂


Prakash Ramesh – An RSS Fan