A Brilliant Open Letter to Foolish Rahul Gandhi

A Brilliant Open Letter to Foolish Rahul Gandhi

Source: MeriNews.com

Dear Mr Rahul Gandhi, We all know it is not your fault that you were born in the Gandhi family and thus automatically becoming a PM candidate. But I think you do not even have the credentials to become a minister of state, forget about Prime Minister. This is perfectly alright as not all people are gifted with extraordinary abilities to do a high end job.
But you are a citizen of India in addition to citizenship of Italy and if Mr. Subramanian Swamy is to be believed then UK and Turkey, disregarding the fact that India does not have the policy of dual citizenship. You can do a lot for the country as a citizen with added advantage of being the Vice President of a prominent political party known as Congress.

Having an ambition to become PM of India is perfectly alright. But you should show to the nation that you care for the nation. Visiting flood affected areas on bare foot, doing ‘padyatra’ or walking on the roads of a village, meeting farmers or protesting army veterans at Jantar Mantar occasionally and constantly talking against Modi are not the things that prove you care for the nation.

These are called photo ops which are ridiculed and forgotten immediately. The nation has advanced and people have become more aware. These are the days of social media and advanced communication. So people are not going to be fooled.

Instead you should do something of relevance and substance. Gone are those days when elections could be won without doing anything. You should understand that time has changed and accountability is of paramount importance. Here are some suggestions that can make you more acceptable to the people and may pose you as an alternative to Narendra Modi.

  1. Parliament is the place where debates happen on reforms. Do not, for God sake, stall the Parliament. Please do not cite the example of BJP during UPA government. If they were wrong, then you are equally wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Set an example as opposition. Demonstrate concerns for the nation and participate wholeheartedly in the debates. Help the government pass the bills of national importance after due diligence. No opposition has ever been cooperative. You do it first and the people will appreciate.
  2. Congress party is full of people who speak nonsense. Get rid of such people like Mani Shankar Iyer, Shakeel Ahmad, Salman Khursid, Manish Tewari, Digvijay Singh and Kapil Sibal etc. who are spent forces. Instead groom the young and energetic leaders like Jyoriraditya Scindia and Sachin Pilot. Conduct a nationwide membership drive and try to get youngsters on board.
  3. Stop abusing Modi. At present, Modi is the undisputed leader of India and the world. He is working hard, for almost 18 hours a day, and people know it and love him for this. He has great visions for taking India forward. Each time you abuse Modi, you lose hundred thousand votes. Each time any Congressman abuses Modi fifty thousand votes are lost. If you don’t stop abusing Modi, then mark my words, the Congress will not even get 4 seats in 2019.
  4. Don’t be in a fool’s paradise that it was your charisma that resulted in 27 seats for the Congress in Bihar elections. It was due to Nitish Kumar and the arithmetic caste formula of the grand alliance. On the contrary you should be looking to win elections single handedly without having to be the junior partner in a three party alliance. This is possible when people perceive you as the party for the nation, not as a pro-Muslim and anti-Hindu party. So you need to drop sickularism (fake secularism) and embrace true secularism.
  5. Keep yourself abreast with various issues the nation is facing. Read books and journals to understand economy. If you are aspiring to be PM, then you have to have basic understanding and reality of various issues. Keep yourself abreast with social media and learn what people say about you and the Congress party. Respect social media and work on improving your as well as the party’s image. Otherwise you will face embarrassment the same way you got from college students in Bengaluru. If you don’t improve then a class VI student may stump you. Then what will happen to your ambition?
  6. Don’t carry cheat sheets when you speak. This gives a very bad impression. PM Modi can speak for hours extempore. You should speak for at least 10 minutes extempore, which will be appreciated by people.
  7. Congress party is important for you, alright, but the nation is more important. So act in the interest of the nation. People have voted Modi for development. If you are the villain who put a break on development, then you will even lose in Amethi. So instead of opposing government on anything and everything, cooperate with them for the nation’s cause. Oppose only when it is necessary.
  8. Do away with phrases such as ‘suit boot ki Sarkar’, ‘Ambani Adani ke liye Sarkar’ or ‘RSS ka mukhouta’etc. to describe Modi government. People laugh at these and label you as ‘Pappu’ who can never pass. These are cheap talks and have no takers. Rather criticize government constructively and then you will score brownie points.
  9. The National Herald case will haunt you for some time. Don’t label it as a political vendetta by BJP. Face it as it comes. This is a judicial proceeding and respect the law of the land. If you have done nothing wrong, what is there to worry? If you have violated law, then of course, all my suggestions are useless as even God cannot save you from going to jail.
  10. Last, but not the least, do away with sycophancy within the Congress party. If people in Congress party praise you, then accept it like poison. People who criticize you are your real friends as they want you to improve and they show where you made mistakes. Sycophants never do that.

Politics is full of uncertainty. Today Modi government is popular and doing well. In 2019, if Modi government fails to deliver the promises, then to whom people will look at as an alternative? The names of Mulayam Singh or Nitish Kumar are making rounds. There is hardly a person who takes your name. All this will change if you come out with a new Avatar by implementing the suggestions.

Imagine yourself to be PM of a developed India rather than poor India in future. To see India developed, you should cooperate with the current government. Even if you become half of what Modi is, then you are the undisputed alternative to Modi in future elections.

Otherwise your political career is as good as over. The age old Congress party will permanently go to oblivion. Then you will be remembered as the person who helped Modi achieving his dream of Congress Free India.

Yours faithfully,

A concerned citizen of India