Anandabazar Patrika insults Goddess Durga.

One of the oldest and most respected Bengali Newspaper, Ananda Bazar Patrika in one of their latest Magazine published an image of Goddess Durga as the cover photo, and it did not went well with the Hindus of West Bengal who are devotees of goddess Durga. The photo which was published is very denigrating in nature, because in the picture Goddess Durga is portrayed naked. The Picture is making rounds on the Internet and the Hindu Community are very angry on the ABP group. The Hindu community is asking for apology from the media house for insulting their goddess. Hindutwa organizations like Bajrang Dal have also jumped in, into the matter and are protesting against the Media house . This is not the first time when the Hindus of West Bengal are feeling that their beliefs are not being respected by a certain section of the society.



The Ananda Bazar Patrika is considered to be pro state government nowadays, and the Hindu people have a long dissatisfaction with the media group. Just weeks ago when Basirhat was burning, ABP group was trying its best to suppress the news in initial days. The Hindu community in West Bengal are now asking, If the administration can put a teenager by the name of Souvik Sarkar  behind the bars, for disrespecting religious figure of a certain religion, why don’t they take similar action against the ABP group?

The issue is surely far away from being over, and we’ll follow all the Latest happenings in #ABPinsultsDurga.