Ankit Saxena’s mother was not provided any assistance from government, alleged Manoj Tiwari

The Chief of Delhi BJP Manoj Tiwari, made shocking allegation against state administration after meeting with the family of Ankit Saxena on Sunday morning. Tiwari alleged that the family kept calling at ambulance service number (1008) on the night of Ankit’s murder but were not provided any assistance.

The family wanted immediate ambulance that night for Ankit’s mother who had sustained heavy injuries while attempting to save her son. “The family has made several attempts to seek medical assistance by calling on ambulance service telephone No. 1008 but they got no help. Delhi government made no arrangement for the treatment,” the Delhi BJP Chief alleged in a statement.

Tiwari informed the family about the arrangements his party is doing for better treatment of Ankit’s mother. Tiwari also made scatching criticism on Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s silence about the incident. “It is sad to see such incidents in the national capital. The silence of the chief minister and several NGOs in the matter indicates that these people speak on issues only when it suits their political interests,” Tiwari had said.

However later in the day, Arvind Kejriwal spoke with Ankit’s father and assured that his government will take all possible measures to ensure strictest punishment for the culprits. “I had a word with Ankit’s father. No condemnation is enough for what happened. Delhi government will hire the best possible lawyer to ensure justice for Ankit. We will try our best to ensure that the culprits are awarded the strictest possible punishment under the law. May God give strength to Ankit’s family. We stand with them in these struggling times,” Kejriwal tweeted.

“We will hire the best possible lawyer for Ankit and would take all possible measures to ensure strictest punishment for the culprits. May God give strength his family. We are with them in these times,” he added.

23 year old Ankit Saxena was stabbed to death near his house on Monday by the family of his Muslim girlfriend. The family of the girl was against her affair with Ankit who was Hindu.