Another brutal attack on Doctors in West Bengal, this time in Burdwan even as state-wide medical strike for safety continues

As per the reports so far, two junior doctors were brutally assaulted in the attack by an angry mob on Burdwan Medical College and Hospital. The people in Burdwan Medical College have accused the police of remaining mute spectators when the attack was being carried out. Many have also alleged that the aggressors did not belong to any patient party, but were in-fact local goons supported by the state’s ruling party.

The growing number of attacks on doctors in West Bengal has raised a serious alarm about the security of medical staff in the state.

Meanwhile, the doctors and junior doctors across the state are observing a strike, as they believe there is no security for them to work properly. Most of the Outpatient departments (OPD) across the state were closed on Wednesday, and this expected to continue for the next couple of days until a solution is met. Apart from Government hospitals, doctors from Private hospitals and nursing homes also joined the protest.

The latest outburst of doctors happened after on Monday night, a mob of over 200 attacked on Kolkata’s NRS Medical college and hospital following the death of a 85 year old patient, Mohammed Sayeed. During this attack, a trainee doctor sustained fatal injuries including a skull damage. The victim is currently in critical condition.

On Tuesday evening, BJP leader Mukul Roy and Locket Chatterjee met with the protesting doctors and supported their cause.