Another brutal political murder in Kannur, with the usual silence from State Government

Last Friday an ABVP activist – Shyam Prasad was hacked to death in Kannur district of Kerala. The victim who was an ITI student was attacked by a gang of three men when he was returning home on his motorcycle.

According to the reports Prasad tried his best to escape from the clutches of the gang, who  allegedly belong to the Popular front of India (PFI). But they chased and hacked him brutally with machetes. Locals rushed the victim to a nearby hospital but he succumbed to his injuries on the way.

Four people who belong to SDPI have been arrested over the case by Kerala police. SDPI is the political wing of Popular Front of India and had allegedly funded Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mewani. There have been no statements on the issue either from Mewani or from the personality who supported him during Gujarat assembly elections, Mr. Rahul Gandhi.

Some people protesting against Aadhaar card accuse that those who don’t have their names enlisted on the Aadhaar list, cease to exist according to the government. But a political ‘Aadhaar‘ has long been in practice. According to this political Aadhaar those who haven’t accepted ‘Nehruvian-marxist-socialist leftist’ ideas even after years of propaganda since independence, cease to be human beings, and hence their lives don’t matter !!!

The political Aadhaar is the reason everyone from Mr. Prakash Raj to Azadi gang in JNU to left liberal journalists sitting in air conditioned news rooms are silent. Many people with direct/indirect links to RSS are being murdered in communist ruled Kerala every month. There is no solid estimate of how many RSS activists have been murdered in Kerala till date. Only a few out of many murders makes it to an inner page of some newspaper in this country. But their lives don’t matter because their names are not enlisted as per political Aadhaar.

A section of people in this country never get tired of talking about murders of the likes of Kalburgi and Gauri Lankesh, but maintain utmost silence when it comes to political murders in Kerala.

There are two types of revolutionaries in India. The ones in Delhi who complain about being trolled on Twitter, and then there are those in Kerala who are being sliced open by swords for supporting opposition. In reality, there is a long distance between Delhi and Kannur both geographically and otherwise.

One of the many facts of India is that people who belong to opposition politics get murdered almost every second day in a state, but all the Intellectuals, activists, self proclaimed revolutionaries and journalists are silent about it. This silence is dangerous and frightening because it indicates silent support, it indicates silent support for political murders.

And then, the same people talk about Democracy, but they need to understand that a true Democracy is where both the left and right wings exist, which seems quite less possible as  the communists never supported democracy, they are totalitarian by nature.

As this system which has long been dominated by left liberals, doesn’t care about the lives of non-leftist people ,may the God save his own country.