Another insult to Lord Ayyappa in Kerala: SFI poster shows the Hindu god smeared in menstrual blood

The Communists seems to gave once again stirred the hornet’s nest, this time by denigrating Kerala’s much revered Hindu diety Lord Ayyappa.

The student wing of the CPIM, Students Federation of India (SFI) has put up a flex welcoming the new students at Kerelaverma College in Thrissur which depicts Lord Ayyappa in a very objectionable manner.

The poster shows Lord Ayyappa smeared in menstrual blood, in between the legs of a woman. The poster reads “wherever menstruation is seen as impure, there they are denying their own birth”.

Hindu organisations, Ayyappa devotees and politicians have arrived at the spot, and they have requested the college authorities to remove the derogatory poster. The BJP has accused the CPM of insulting the Ayyappa devotees once again by putting up the poster.

Earlier, the CPIM government in Kerala withheld an award given to cartoon on rape accused bishop Franco Mulakkal after pressure from the Church.