Another possible love jihad case from Kerala

Debate about whether a thing called Love Jihad really exist or not is far from over. But again an incident has come out of Kerala which puts weight in the argument of those who believe in its existence. On Wednesday police arrested two men from North paravur near Kochi over alleged case of attempting to sell a woman to Islamic states in syria as slave.

The two, identified as Fawaz Jamal and Mohamed Siyad, were charged under various sections of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and IPC, said AV George, the Ernakulam (rural) superintendent of police

The woman has accused her husband Mohamed Riyaz (26), a native of North Kerala, of hatching the conspiracy to sell her to the Islamic State (IS), which is active in parts of Syria.

In her complaint the woman said that originally she is non-Muslim hailing from Pathanamthitta in Central Kerala and brought up in Gujarat. In 2015 during her stay in Bengaluru for studies she met with Riaz and later developed physical relations with him. But Riaz secretly made videos of their intimate moments which he used to blackmail her. He forced her to take admission in a madrassa in North Paravur and learn tenets of Islam. Their marriage was religiously sanctioned by a cleric in 2016.

The woman soon escaped from him and went to stay with her parents. But the man filed a case saying her parents forcefully confined her. She said due to escalating pressure and threats she was forced to go back with her her. Initially after going back her husband treated her well and took her to a tour in Saudi. While in Saudi she overheard a conversation between her husband and another person in which he was planning to sell her to Islamic state terrorists in Syria. After hearing this she somehow got hold of a cell phone and escaped from Saudi with a group of NRIs.

She filed complaint against her husband in December of last year.