Another secular appeasement from Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah?

We all know how Karnataka is burning due to the unleash of Radical Islamist elements. It all started when communal clash broke out in Kalladka a small town in Mangalore. Post this clash a video of Karnataka congress minister Ramanth Rai went viral when the minister forced the police to ONLY act on Hindu leader specifically to arrest Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat a staunch Hindu leader.

While the duty of any government is to act on the anti social elements in the video congress minister was seen protecting his vote bank and only punish the Hindu leaders purely for a political reason. However things took a ugly turn when Sharath a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) activist was killed by few anti-social organization.

Is Congress Government unable to take action against Fundamentalists in Dakshina Kannada?

The victim’s family claimed it was the role of Popular Front of India (PFI) in Killing Sharath. PFI names had popped up in the past during the Tippu riot and in the killing of RSS activist. There has been absolute failure of Law and Order in the state and the state of Karnataka specially in the western ghats like Chikmagalur, Mangalore and Kodagu is turning out to be another Kashmir in Making.

The stone pelting during the funeral of RSS activist has only exposed how the Jihadi groups in the state are being funded and politically protected to unleash their anger on Hindu community. The situation went from worst to disgusting when Siddramaiah in yesterday’s press conference warned the Hindus however he was too hesitant to blame the Muslims for the riot however everyone knows it was not orchestrated by Hindus.

In the press conference Karnataka CM Siddramaiah openly issued warning saying he would initiate police action on people indulging in Riots however he only named Hindus and went mum when we had to name Muslims for the riots clearly indicating that Karnataka congress is hell bent in safeguarding their vote bank irrespective of whatever anti-social activity they indulge in. This press conference where CM only names Hindus for riots has enraged all the Hindu community and are questioning his intention to protect his vote banks.

Many on twitter even went on to say this CM was only for Muslims trending #NotMyCM. It’s shameful that a government is not only trying to protect one community but also disgusting that he is provoking them to carry on more assault on Hindus. Karnataka is another Kerala is Making courtesy Congress govt of Karnataka and CM Siddaramaiah