The Quint retracts its Kulbhushan Jhadav story, but is it enough?

The Quint is at it again. At a time when the government of India is trying to ensure that Kulbhushan Jhadav gets justice from the International court of justice, the fellows at quint are trying their best to weaken the Indian case by supplying evidence to suggest that the man was indeed working for RAW in Pakistan.

And what is this so called evidence? We have been told in a recent article on quint, that was withdrawn later on, that some officials of RAW including both serving and retired have confided in their journalists privately that Jhadav was on the payroll of RAW.

The article builds its case entirely on the fleeting foundation of these so called testimonies, which could not be verified objectively at all. It is possible that these testimonies might be true, but how improbable it is that these are convenient fictions put together on purpose to weaken the Indian case at least in the popular perception of the International community if not in the International court of justice where such fabrications will certainly count for nothing!

Another legitimate question that must be asked is this: Why did the fellows at quint withdraw the article, if it was indeed based on solid irrefutable evidence? Why did they not stand their ground and caved in prematurely? Why did they lack the conviction to stand by their findings, if these were indeed rooted in facts? The brave and uncompromising brand of journalism that quint and others of its ilk claim to represent could not have been so weak as to have capitulated so meekly! Or did they have no hard evidence to support their tall claims at all? It certainly appears to be the case.

This is not the first occasion when Quint has indulged in this kind of treacherous misadventure for which it must be duly punished. It is a serial offender. The memory of the suicide of Lance Naik Roy Mathew is still fresh in our minds.

But, this is simply unpardonable. If this is not treason, what is? The news portal must be taken to task for its actions and must to asked to explain its conduct. Also, it’s sources of funding must be closely scrutinized to ascertain if this has indeed been done to give covering fire to the Pakistani establishment which has come under heavy flak for various reasons in the recent times, and has become increasingly nervous by the recent developments in this case at the International court of justice.

It is not difficult to understand the sinister intention of fellows at Quint and the guiding force that actuates them to conduct their business in such unethical fashion, all under the garb of convenient freedom of press.

People on twitter are running a campaign named #BlockQuint and here are a few tweets on this trend:-