Anti-sterlite protesters caught in scandalous video

Leaving the anti-sterlite copper plant protesters in an embarrassing situation, a scandalous sex video involving two leading activists of the movement has surfaced. The video shows English professor turned environmental activist Professor Fathima Babu, who has been hailed as the face of the movement by a section of media, in compromising position with her comrade Thermal Raja.

The video was shot secretly and somehow made its way to the social media, where it has gone viral. The video was allegedly tapped, when the two were staying in a five star hotel at Chennai, as part of their awareness and advocacy efforts to force the closure of Sterlite plant in Tuticorin.

Lashing out at the video, Prof Fathima Babu claimed it to be a systematic conspiracy aimed at discrediting the anti- Sterlite movement. Many are suspecting NGO named, ‘Makkal Athikaram’, for leaking the video. It being suspected that the NGO, which is also against the copper plant in Tuticorin, leaked the video as a result of infighting between the anti-sterlite protesters.

It may be recalled that just a day before the police firing on the anti-Sterlite protestors in Thoothukudi, the ‘Makkal Athikaram’ leaders pre-convened an urgent press meet at Pandarampatti village and announced the removal of Fathima Babu from the struggle committee.

Meanwhile, Angry protests were staged by a section of fishermen whom the lady professor represented in various issues. The fishermen leader Golden said, “we regarded her as a great lady even when allegations were spread against her. But now we feel ashamed of her.”

Prof. Fathima Babu has been accused of being associated with Foil Vedanta, a pressure group working against the Vedanta Group, which owned the Sterlite copper plant at Tuticorin. She has also been accused of working in behest of the powerful Church groups, that have been the biggest opponents if the plant at Tuticorin for long time. Christian Evangelists like Mohan C. Lazarus have played considerable role In stoking fears against Sterlite plant using communal propaganda.