Anupam Kher Responds To Shashi Tharoor’s Tweet On Modi

Congress Government is these days highly frustrated for many reasons. Firstly the so called Demonetization will reduce 2% GDP threat of Manmohan Singh has been busted. Secondly Rahul Gandhi as a campaigner is going to lose all 4 states with one state in the border with the likes of AAP.

PM Modi’s Demonetization move had not only repaired the economy but also has ensured we are grew at 7 % in 2017 Q3

Shashi Tharoor is a worried man, not only has his party faced the biggest defeat in 2014 reducing its tally to 44 Nationally but 2017 looks very bleak as well.

With no sight at any constructive move to make big time changes in Congress, such statement from him will only receive the biggest troll from Anupam Kher.