Anupam Kher Tears False Arguments of Shobha De on Arnab’s Show-Full Video

Anupam Kher and Shobha De were recently there in a debate on same topic, which will be in indian media channel’s till Bihar Election results “Intollerance in India”. Anupam starts exposing Dibakar Banerjee returning award for “Khosla ka Ghosla”. His words, “Dibakar’s 1st Film was Khosla ka Ghosla, I worked in it because I liked the script. producer of that film did not have enough money. At times, we were thrown out of Hotels, cars because of Funds shortage, but we still completed that Film. He gets award for Best film and not best director and he has no rights returning it. He also got an award for Oye lucky lucky oye but have no guts in returning it since Disney is involved in production”.

Goes ahead and says about he being kicked out and replaced by Sharmila Tagore in censor board. He declares openly on being taunted by Shobha De that he is interested in becoming Rajya Sabha MP. He says “In This debate, I openly declare, I have no intention or interest becoming MP or taking any Govt Position. I am proud of Narendra Modi, our PM, who makes me proud with his work and speechs abroad. We had a Mute PM ones, who used to be silent most of the time and say, can do nothing because of collation compulsion.

Here is the full Video of Debate.

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