Apollo hospital says that biological samples of Jayalalithaa are unavailable

Apollo hospitals in Chennai had issued a statement to the Madras High court on Thursday that the hospital does not have any biological samples of late Tamilnadu former Chief minister J Jayalalithaa that were collected during her treatment. The reason they state for the unavailability is the complex treatment given to Jayalalithaa, where the samples they had collected were used and got exhausted.

The hospital management said, “The late Hon’ble Chief Minister’s medical condition was challenging to treat due to the multiple co-morbidities. In view of the same all biological samples collected from her were used to run a battery of tests to rule out and/or confirm various medical conditions. I respectfully state that all biological samples collected from the late Hon’ble Chief Minister was used up completely during her treatment period. I respectfully submit that no biological samples belongings to the late Hon’ble Chief Minister are available with the Hospital as on date”.

Last year, a woman named Amrutha Sarathy had filed a petition at Supreme Court claiming that she is the biological daughter of the late former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu J.Jayalalithaa. Supreme Court had declined this petition and directed her to the Madras High court. The lady had asked the Madras high court to conduct a DNA test to prove her parentage with Jayalalithaa and hence the Madras High court had asked the Apollo hospital management for the blood samples. The reply of the Hospital management was the unavailability of biological samples, which made the case much complex.

Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa and nephew Deepak said that they don’t have any proofs to say that the lady is the biological daughter of Jayalalithaa. The state government had also said that they are not having any proofs to evince that the lady had met Jayalalithaa in Poes Garden. ADMK youth wing had filed a counter petition in Madras high court claiming that the lady’s petition is to damage the image of former Chief minister Jayalalithaa and they ask the court to dismiss the case. The next hearing of the case is scheduled on the 4th of June.