AR Rahman’s daughter makes public appearance with face covered in niqab, attracts criticism

Recently, the team of Oscar winning film Slumdog Millionaire came together to celebrate 10 years of the movie. The event was attend by the likes of Gulzar, Anil Kapoor, Sukhvinder Singh, Ila Arun. However, among all, the centre stage was taken by music maestro AR Rahman who had bagged Oscar for his work in the movie.

The Music Maestro’s daughter, Khatija also made a public appearance during the event, who interviewed her father. Amid all this, what came as a surprise to many of was that Rahman’s daughter had her entire face covered by niqab (Islamic face mask for her women). This was surprising, especially considering the fact that Rahman who is a first generation convert to Islam, was hitherto perceived as a liberal.

People took to twitter to express their surprise at the attire of Rahman’s daughter. “When I first saw the images floating on Twitter, I thought it was fake news. But turns out that the shrouded woman interviewing Rahman is indeed his daughter! Without the Saree and prior info, I would not even place this person and her family as Indian,” said one twitter.

“Proud of his music. Ashamed of his imposition of a medieval tyranny to his new age daughter. Saree and veil don’t go together, they stand for exactly opposition ideas. Saree celebrates womanhood. Burqa/ veil subdues it 10 feet under,” said another twitter user criticising Rahman for allegedly imposing traditional Islamic attires on his daughter.

Meanwhile in face of scathing criticism, Rahman posted an image of his wife and two daughters, in which only Khatija is wearing niqab and burqa. He used #freedomtochoose along with the picture.

Khatija also responded to the criticism saying that veil is her choice and that it has not been imposed on her by anyone.

“The veil has been my choice with complete acceptance and honour. I’m a sane mature adult who knows to make my choices in life,” she has said.

She’s added that everybody has the right to dress according to their choice and that she has been doing the same. Khatija has also asked that people should not make a judgement without understanding the situation.