Arbaaz Khan Confession: For six years I have been betting on IPL matches

Thane Crime Branch had called for questioning of Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan for betting on the IPL. After making inquiries, he has done many shocking disclosures. According to the media report, Arbaaz has admitted that he has been betting on IPL matches for the last 6 years. They have lost more than 30 million rupees in betting.

Arbaaz also confessed that the bookie Sonu Jalan threatened him if he did not lose his money. After inquiring about the police, it was also known that Arbaaz had been in the habit of betting and his family knew it. Before the muscle in the crime branch, Arbaaz met Salman Khan and talked to him. According to the report, Salman’s legal team will help him in this case. Police suspected that Arbaaz Khan, through Sonu Jalan’s racket, has speculated a lot of money in IPL matches.

The AEC busted the racket on May 15 with the arrest of four people in Mumbai, including Jalan.

During the investigation, a “connection” between Jalan and Arbaaz was established. Khan, the police said, placed bets during one of the past IPL seasons through Jalan.

Jalan reportedly works with a big bookie by the name ‘Junior Calcutta’. Khan was blackmailed into paying crores, the threat being that his gambling habit would be exposed, the police said. Jalan has links in Pakistan, Gulf and several European countries.

During the IPL 2018, the police arrested four speculators while bribing the betting racket in Dobinwali. Initial investigations have indicated that betting racket was going on international level. Not only that, Dawn Ibrahim’s D company has also seen links to betting racket.