Arjun Kapoor played role of perfect son of his step mother Sridevi.

It is sanity, sensibility and maturity that win hearts. Arjun Kapoor undeniably won hearts of millions when he played the role of a sensitive son of his father, Boney Kapoor, in his trying time.

32 years old Arjun Kapoor has undergone agonising mental pain when he saw his father separating from his mother, Mona Shourie Kapoor. He was heartbroken when his support system, his mother died of cancer in 2012 just two months before his debut ‘Ishaqzaade.’ His psychology was permanently damaged when he realised it was he who has to be support system to his younger sibling, Anshula Kapoor, after their mother’s untimely demise and his father moving with his second wife.

It was deceased Sridevi who was the reason behind Arjun Kapoor went through mental trauma at very young age. It was absolutely justified if he would have distanced from his father. However, Arjun Kapoor, felt his father’s pain and displayed high level of maturity and sensibility by standing his father.

Not only, Arjun Kapoor accompanied his father to Dubai to bring back mortal remains of Sridevi, but he played role of perfect son of his step mother Sridevi.