Arnab Goswami reveals why He shouts in his shows

    Former Chief Editor of Times Now and host of the popular show The Newshour Debate, Arnab Goswami, spoke of his professional struggles and why he felt the need to assert himself to be heard over everyone else.

    “In this country, you have to shout to be heard!” Arnab Goswami thundered at an event hosted by Dainik Bhaskar.

    Describing how he was pushed against a wall and harassed by “political stooges of the then CPI-M bosses” when he went to interview Jyoti Basu during the 1996 elections, Goswami said he was left alone to defend himself, with no backing from members of the media fraternity.

    Eventually he threatened to go on a hunger strike until Prakash Karat gave him a written apology.

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