Art of Living’s World Culture Festival Earned The Exchequer $42 million, Says Study

Primary and Secondary research had carried out on the impact of the Art of Living’s mega event-The World Culture Festival (WCF). Data from government departments (Department of Tourism, Department of Economic Affairs) was studied to understand the impact of this event. Few of the important points are highlighted below:-

  • $42 million was earned during the WCF by the international tourism sector alone. This excludes hotel bookings, transport and other consumption expenditure.
  • 21 percent of foreign exchange earning of Delhi was during WCF
  • 1 out of every 6 tourists in Delhi had come to attend WCF in March
  • 1 out of every 8 tourists in Karnataka had come to attend the WCF
  • 9.8 percent increase for March in foreign exchange earnings- Highest for the year.
  • 12% increase in international tourism, the highest year on year growth in the month of March
  • 32 political diplomats including heads of states, key ministers from 32  countries were present at WCF
  • WCF had representations from G4(75%), G20(35%), BRICS(50%), UN(18%), IORA(29%), ACD(50%), and SAARC(75%)
  • WCF was witness to the largest interfaith gathering of 2500 religious and spiritual leaders from Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Islam, Jain, Native American and indigenous faiths

This major event not only provided a big boost to India’s International Tourism but also acted as an event that enabled a harmonious gathering of religions from all across world. This Indian Media Houses have apparently slandered this event by projecting that it had devastated the floodplains, while the organizers claimed there was no floodplains in the first places.

His Holiness, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, has always placed India in the right spot in the International Arena and it is unfortunate to see we Indians have not recognized the service that he is doing to India and the World.