Parody: Artificial Intelligence is the Best Intelligence says Rahul Gandhi

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is headed to the United States Of America, where he is likely to address a gathering on Artificial Intelligence (AI), the science of making machines that think like humans. The sources said Gandhi wants India to lead in the niche area which comes after software development, in which India has already won global recognition. While AI is still a nascent subject to most in India, many countries including China have begun investments in the area to strengthen research in it.

Rahul Gandhi has been an amazing Politician with a vision. His vision is clear to all and it is the only thing we Indians are carving to achieve. His vision has been the most talking point of the country during the last Uttar Pradesh elections. Rahul wants India to believe that one fine day when Obama, the former President of US goes to super market to buy Bed-sheet and the Bed-sheet should be having a tag “Made in Uttar Pradesh”, “Made in Murajnagar”. Isn’t it amazing !! That’s the vision any Indian Politician should be having.

Not just UP, Rahul Gandhi has a vision for North east as well.

The entire country has been eagerly waiting to hear from Rahul Gandhi on Artificial Intelligence. We have got Rahul Gandhi’s script from our sources, our sources have also given us few slides of his presentations. Here is his speech ad we quote:

“This Morning I got up at Night and I thought about Artificial Intelligence, the science of making machines that think like humans. Firstly, before making machines think like humans, we should make Humans think like Humans. The IT revolution in India was brought by my father Rajiv Gandhi and from that time India has been Pioneer in IT and so Artificial Intelligence. We have already used Artificial Intelligence Robot as a bodyguard of Ashwariya Rai. Don’t be shocked here is the picture in my picture:

Now, Artificial Intelligence is every where, it is in your pant, shirt everywhere !! The laws that Artificial Intelligence makes defines what the Machine do. Yes, just like Politics, but I am here to talk about Artificial Intelligence and not about Politics, so Artificial Intelligence is every where.

It is the ambitions of Indian Congress Party that at least two machines out of one should have Artificial Intelligence in them. Artificial Intelligence will indeed give Women Empowerment. We develop machines to work like women so that women’s household work is reduced. They can then work towards the progress of the country. Women Empowerment is the only way to get the India developed. Also I dream that one day when Obama goes to buy a Robot, he should see the tag “Made by Women”.

Artificial Intelligence can be a risk, if Modi takes on it He can develop machines to destroy Farmers, Women, Dalits in India. I saw the Star Wars movie, where Robots were killing Human. Modi ji has also watched Star wars, here is the proof where he says “May the force be with you”

Surely, if this technology gets into the hands of Modi he will create a mess and it is very certain that the machines will join RSS. Coming Back to Artificial Intelligence, if Artificial Intelligence gets machine which think like humans, Indian National Congress party and my mother are very advanced in this field. For 10 years we made a Human look like a machine, a Robot. Here is the video slide:

Finally, I would like to end my speech by showing you all a motivational Video, which I always got motivated from, my Hero, not surely Modi ji, but yes Chota Bheem:

Thank you !!”

Disclaimer:- The article is only for entertainment purposes and the Author of the website does not intend to malign the image of any person mentioned in the above article