Arun Jaitley equates Indira Gandhi with Hitler

Hitting out at the Congress for the imposition of Emergency in 1975, senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley on Monday compared Indira Gandhi and German dictator Adolf Hitler. In his Facebook post, he also says that both Hitler and Indira Gandhi imposed Emergency in their respective countries claiming their actions were under the ambit of the Constitution.

The BJP laeder further claims that the script of Emergency was well thought out in advance and asks, “Was this script inspired by what happened in Nazi Germany in 1933?”

Jaitley writes that younger son of the Late prime minister, Sanjay Gandhi had taken over the reins of the Congress Party and the Youth Congress. “The Youth Congress became a law into its own-self. Its’ functioning terrorized the society. ..Dissent became a sin and sycophancy the rule.”

About Indira Gandhi’s 20-point programme, Jaitley says, “On June 29th, in order to deflect attention from the suspension of democracy in India, she announced a Twenty Point Programme for the revival of Indian economy.

In fact, large number of these twenty points were also retrograde economic measures which had to be reversed in the post 1991 economic reforms.”

However, the Union minister also points out a difference between Indira and Hitler: “Unlike Hitler, Mrs. Gandhi went ahead to transform India into a ‘dynastic Democracy’.”

Jaitley claims Indira Gandhi even did something that Hitler didn’t. “There were a few things that Hitler did not do which Mrs. Gandhi did.

She prohibited the publication of Parliamentary proceeding in the media.”