Arundhati Roy Statement was Quoted by Pakistan Government’s Official Radio Channel

A long row has been created out of one statement from Ms. Arundhati Roy. Leftist “elite” media houses lost their cool. They scrambled with a farrago [SIC] of “news” articles, trying their best to defend Arundhati Roy & dismissing our reports as “fake news”. The pack, led by NDTV, tried maligning this website (Satyavijayi) & others who had reported this news (such as Postcard, The Indian Voice, The Resurgent Indian, Revolt Press, Virat Hindu Rashtra, etc.) Their primary target, of course, was Republic TV (which has usurped more than half the market share within 2 weeks of its launch).

Newslaundry, too, has come up with another article. When Ms. Madhu Trehan’s reporter had contacted me, I had told him that I had the documentary evidence from an official source. But Newslaundry very conveniently cut it out, perhaps because the agenda was to discredit “right wing” websites. Anyway, now it’s time for the truth:

Most will agree that Pakistan is a terrorist nation. Despite this, their government owned media channels still count as the official word of the Government of Pakistan. One of these sources is Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (also known as Radio Pakistan). It is the official radio broadcasting agency of the Government of Pakistan. Satyavijayi has editorial guidelines & a Standard Operating Procedure. When we first heard the news, our editorial team carried out their usual vetting process. We had also come across this article, where Radio Pakistan has quoted the same words & attributed them to Ms. Arundhati Roy.

I know the Pakistan lobby with a section of the Indian media is very strong. In case they get them to delete the article (& for those who are too lazy to follow the link, here is a screenshot for ready reference:

The exact same words quoted by these so-called “fake news” have been repeated in Pakistan. Ms. Arundhati Roy often propagates the Pakistan narrative in India. And the official Radio channel of the Government of Pakistan has quoted her. If this is not damning enough, I don’t know what is.

Considering that the mainstream media hates Indian nationalist media channels, I hope they will consider the Pakistan Government’s official Radio Channel “Credible”.

Now, since we have came up with a credible proof from official website of Pakistan Government(, we request media houses like thewire, newslaundry and NDTV to come up with proof on why they feel, this news is fake. Please make sure that the proof is not a fixed phone call or Video from horses mouth.