Arundhati Roy, The Lady of utmost Falsehoods

The past few months have been terrible for the tukde-tukde gang. Last year, the Modi government had cracked down on shady foreign funding of Indian NGOs, which was reduced by 66% consequently. Following which many so-called ‘activists’ (read: sleeper agents of the tukde-tukde gang) were rendered jobless.

Then in the last few months, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been winning elections back to back, and most importantly, the party obliterated the left in one of its last two bastions in Tripura. The people of India have sent a strong message that they trust Modi and BJP, and they won’t buy into the propaganda peddled by the Anti-India squad. The tukde-tukde gang is losing the battle one election at a time.

All these developments have sent chills down their spines. And, now that we are inching closer towards the next Lok Sabha elections, their fear and desperation have become conspicuous. They are setting off false alarms one by one.

Last month, Delhi Archbishop and ‘activist’ named Anil Couto, who has a habit of crying wolf, alleged that democracy is under threat. Then, another ‘activist’ with a similar questionable record, named John Dayal, cried wolf on similar lines.

The latest addition to this list is Arundhati Roy, a part-time creative writer and a full-time propagandist. Her entire career was built upon maligning India in front of the world. These days she is in the limelight for her interview with the BBC. The interview had nothing new as it was replete with the fear mongering that is usual of her.

Here are the key takeaways from that interview:-

1) Violence in India is terrifying and intolerance is on the rise. Hindus are trying to establish their hegemony in the country. They want to reduce other communities to the status of second-class citizens. Muslims have been hit the hardest.

2) Modi is the worst authoritarian despot alive today. He is out of control. All the institutions in India have been “taken over” by his regime which sympathizes with the Nazis so much that they have prescribed a “school textbook of great leaders with Hitler on the cover”.

Before we begin our fact checking, let us have a look at Arundhati Roy’s past records. As we all know, Arundhati Roy is a creative writer who takes her work seriously so much so that often times she mixes the real world with her job. She has created fake news on multiple occasions. Here are a few of those instances.

The Gulbarg Society Case:-

In an Outlook article, she claimed that a mob surrounded Congress MP Ehsan Jaffri’s house and killed him. Later the mob “stripped his daughters and burned them alive.”

But contrary to Roy’s claim, that Ehsan Jaffri only had one daughter (not daughters) and she is very much alive. In fact, she was actually in the US the day this attack happened. So, we have just seen that how Arundhati lies through her teeth regarding such a sensitive issue without an ounce of shame.

In the same article, she claims that her ‘friend’s friend named Sayeeda had been killed by Hindu fanatics in Baroda during Gujarat riots, in the most gut-wrenching way possible and an ‘OM’ was carved on her head.

But, upon getting this news, then BJP MP Balbir Punj decided to get justice for Arundhati Roy’s ‘friend’s friend’, Sayeeda; only to find out that Arundhati had no interest in cooperating with him in his fight for justice. So the question is why did not she cooperate? The answer is a no-brainer, as usual, she had made up the story out of thin air.

Now given that Arundhati Roy is a serial liar, what are the chances that she is speaking the truth this time? The answer is ZERO.

Let us now analyze her bizarre claims one by one…

When asked whether Modi government has been as bad as she would have feared, she says yes because Muslims have been, ‘ ghettoized,’ are ‘being lynched on the streets’ and pushed out of the economic activities they participated in ‘earlier’ such as leatherwork and meat shops.

Arundhati Roy gives no factual backing for any of these claims. First of all, far from ghettoizing Muslims, the Modi government is working towards their upliftment and is bringing them into the mainstream. In the past four years, the Government has increased the funding for minority affairs by 62%. Many new schemes were launched directed towards the educational up-liftment of minorities, particularly Muslims, including:-

1. Scholarship Schemes
2. Maulana Azad National Fellowship
3. Padho Pardes
4. Free Coaching and Allied scheme
5. Nai Udaan

So much for ghettoizing Muslims!!

Second, referring to the few isolated incidents of mob justice by cow vigilantes she claims that innocent Muslims are being lynched all over the country in huge numbers. Her expression and tone suggest that India has become a full-fledged war zone akin to Syria and Iraq. She is probably relying on a flawed data shared by almost all news outlets across the country. This data is a 100% fake news, according to which, “97%” of cow related violence happened after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India. It originated from a report by an organization called India spend.

They claim to do something called “data journalism”. Shockingly, their database comprises cursory google searches with certain keywords. They were too lazy to look at police records to compile their data and they shamelessly take pride in it.

So, this is how Arundhati Roy produces fake news using fake data from unreliable sources.

Moreover, during UPA government too, there were a few odd cases of mob lynching in some parts of the country. Now, the question is, if a few isolated events of mob lynching during Modi regime make India ‘lynchistan’ today, then such incidents during UPA regime should have made India a lynchistan too. Where were Arundhati Roy and her cabal back then?

Lastly, unlike what Roy claims, if any leather working and meat production, the occupations she associates with Muslims, have only gone up from year to year during Modi government. For instance, the leather industry is hopeful of 10% export growth by the next year.

Moreover, only illegal meat shops and slaughterhouses were closed down. But, according to Roy, this was a planned move to harass Muslims. Does she want to say that Muslims aren’t law abiding citizens?

Next, she blatantly misrepresents what happened in the Kathua rape case and says that people (read: Hindus) including women marched in favor of rapists in attempt to change the course of the trial.

Here is what actually happened. People were not marching in favor of the rapists, but they did so to protest police brutality suffered by them and they demanded a fair CBI inquiry as the police had failed to do their job. According to news reports, in the village where the incident took place, male members of every Hindu family were arrested and tortured for days under the pretext of interrogation. And the Hindu women, who Roy projects as rape sympathizers, were afraid for the safety of their fathers, brothers, sons, and husbands.

Unlike Roy, for whom this incident of rape is just another opportunity to polish her career, those poor women demanded a fair CBI investigation and justice for the rape victim. They were in no way trying to change the way the trial will take place. On the contrary, they are toiling hard to prevent innocent people from suffering for none of their sins.

Roy then goes on to lament that how Modi is like Trump but much worse and has gone out of control. His regime has hijacked all the institutions of the country. And, anyone or anything that comes in Modi’s way is shut down. Ironically enough, Roy has been launching diabolical tirades against the Modi regime all these years without any repercussions whatsoever. To add to the irony, Arundhati Roy and other anti-India figures were invited in the Kerala literature festival sponsored by the ministry of tourism. So much for Modi’s intolerance!

Then giving an example of Modi regime’s control over educational institutions and how it glorifies marauders like Hitler, Roy states that there is a ‘school textbook’ in India about great world leaders with Hitler on the cover. She mentions a news report by New York Times as the source of her information.

But, as you can see here, the heading of the New York Times report only mentions some random children’s book and not a ‘school textbook’ which Roy claimed to be the case. Nowhere does this report say that any educational institution has prescribed the book for study either. So, being the pathological liar she is, Roy once again lied straight through her teeth.

Be warned, this latest litany of falsehoods by Arundhati Roy is just a small sample of what we are to see in the coming months as we head closer towards the Lok Sabha elections. The Anti-India propaganda will get murkier as time unfolds.

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