Arvind Kejriwal Attacked by Shoe in Rohtak, Twitterati Reacts in Return

New Year celebrations takes place in different ways for different people but for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), being in the midst of Drama is their specialty. Slap Attacks, Ink Attacks and Shoe Attacks have all been mastered by AAP thereby resorting to cheap political tips and tricks.

In the run up to the Delhi Elections, AAP came up with ingenious ways to get the attention of the people. In November 2013 when AAP was holding a press conference in Delhi, a man, who claimed to be a supporter of anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare, attacked Kejriwal with black ink. AAP members directed BJP to be involved in the incident and hence a narrative was set that “National Parties do not want to see my rise”.

Around April 2014, an Auto Driver who claimed to be an Ex-AAP supporter, slapped Mr. Arvind Kejriwal during his road show. But Mr. Arvind Kejriwal met him the very next day and got an apology, at least got an image that he got an apology from the auto driver.

Media houses in Delhi loved his presence and subsequently, every Ink Attack/Slap Attack and drama at AAP rallies got unlimited coverage.

Even 2014 Lok Sabha elections were not spared, when Arvind Kejriwal was campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections in Varanasi, some unidentified people threw ink at him. The narrative of “BJP and Congress trying to stop me continued” with people throwing eggs at the open vehicle in which Kejriwal was travelling.

Now that we have entered into 2017, that too the first day of the year, AAP unleashes narratives from 2013. It has been four years and Mr. Arvind Kejriwal doesn’t understand realize that people actually see right through him.

The shoe attack and locker expose against PM Modi in Rohtak right ahead of 2017 Punjab Assembly Elections rocked the headlines. While Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers in India have successfully evading death threats, Arvind Kejriwal has successfully evaded a shoe attack.

Twitterati have ensured that this event goes unnoticed but in a different way. People have come up with ways and means to ridicule Mr. Arvind Kejriwal’s antics and give below here are a few:-

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