Why Arvind Kejriwal Represents Everything Wrong With Society Today

CBI raids kejriwal office

You know the kind of guy who, however hard you try, you cannot ignore because he is always in your face? That’s Arvind Kejriwal for you.

His latest reason for being in the news? The CBI didn’t warn him that they were raiding his his principal secretary’s office. What did he tweet the Prime Minister of our country is?


Surprise surprise!

This pathetic behavior comes close on the heels of another controversy he created – claiming that the Railway Ministry carried out an operation to clear a soft encroachment without telling him.

Don’t you think that this tragedy reflects on Kejriwal ineptitude as Chief Minister? How does a CM not know about a slum demolition program in his constituency? Reports have stated that he was aware about the demolition’s schedule. Three notices had been sent to the soft encroachment slums, the first of which was issued on 14th March 2015, just two months after the dwellers encroached upon the area perilously close to the railway tracks.

All I read is “Kejriwal slammed… Kejriwal slammed… Kejriwal slammed…” But when it’s time for work, the man (or rather wimp) is nowhere to be seen. Remember how he offered AAP’s security to Ghulam Ali when the latter was scheduled to perform in Mumbai? How many of us know that the Delhi government cancelled A.R. Rahman’s concert promptly after a fatwa was issued against Rahman? Where was all the bravado then?

When he was questioned about the need to raise the salaries of his MLAs by 400 percent for them to stay honest, he justified it by saying that the PM’s salary should be raised too, so that the latter can ‘show his face to Obama’. And today he calls the PM a coward and a psychopath!

I don’t even need to get started on his previous flip-flops, do I? Let the tweets do the talking.

Kejriwal Hypocricy 2

We know what happened after this
We know what happened after this

Let’s also analyze the odd-even formula. The Delhi government is carrying out a ‘bold experiment for 15 days’ with the odd-even car formula to reduce pollution. This, however, is not applicable to women drivers and taxi cabs, and there are hundreds of other conditions. To enable people to adjust to the chaos which will follow, the government will increase the number of buses on the road. What was the odd-even formula slated to accomplish? Reduction of pollution. Reports, however, show that cars contribute only about 14-15 percent to the pollution in the city, and up to 25 percent comes from diesel vehicles. So unless the buses and taxis introduced will be hybrid vehicles, pollution will only worsen.

Source: The Economic Times
Source: The Times of India

What a poorly thought-through policy from a State Government! AAP functions like a bloody corporate team which has no clue about what it does, and carries out appalling ‘experiments’ in the name of A/B Testing. While the Central Government has empaneled intelligent, globally renowned folks to help the country progress, Kejriwal surrounds himself with sycophants.

And then there is the Jokepal… oops – Lokpal. Kejriwal’s version of the Janlokpal doesn’t have an independent budget making it dependent on the Delhi government, it cannot appoint its own staff and has to work only with the staff provided by the government, and doesn’t even have a dedicated investigation wing. Muffler Man himself wants the right to investigate anyone, including public servants in the Central Government. And don’t give me the crap that the caped crusader (if you want call his muffler a cape) will do what’s right.

Kejriwal believes that everything revolves around him, feels entitled to support from authorities whom he has humiliated without evidence, takes credit for everything that goes well even when he was not involved, and blames the world when things go south even though it was his idea all along. U-turns, 180º turns at the drop of a hat are still common. Additionally, he messes things up and complicates them further. He loves to play victim, and is the epitome of people who are all fart and no shit.

Do you know someone like this? I’m sure you do. People like these place themselves before everyone else; they entitled to demanding that everything stops so that their bovine concerns can be addressed. They are seen wherever the limelight can be hogged. Knee-jerk reactions are the rage. Making allegations with half-baked knowledge, declaring everyone who questions their decisions as imbeciles, poor judgement and yet being cock-sure of themselves… it’s just too mainstream now. Kejriwal represents everything that is wrong with the society today.

We need to wade through the mounds of nonsense on mainstream and social media. We should understand that some compromises are inevitable for the greater good. Every person cannot be pleased. We must learn from an imbecile like Kejriwal that fighting with others will not achieve anything. Cooperating and working with others is the only way forward if we want to achieve something that truly benefits others. Let us use democracy as a privilege, not for pleasure. Let us back the right people rather than selling out to the wrong ones.

Header image source: Indian Express