Arvind Kejriwal Tweets Cartoon against Modi: Twitter BLASTS his ‘HALLUCINATION’

Kejriwal image 1

Arvind Kejriwal’s hallucinations are getting worse. He posts non-stop against Narendra Modi and says that it is Modi who is scared of him. Today, the topic is that Modi asked Goa CM about the AAP meeting in Goa. And that proves that Modi is scared of him. Because there is no other reason where someone would ask about the meeting of a political party in a state going to polls soon, but because that someone is scared of the new political party. From his twitter feed, it seems Kejriwal is trying his level best to emerge as the option against Modi despite not having enough people backing him in his state itself, forget the whole country.

Today, he has posted a cartoon where he seems to be taking on a ghost army of Narendra Modi. This is weird coming from an official account of the Chief Minister of a state. We have never seen any other chief minister going to the length that Arvind Kejriwal is. Not only does he retweet any and all tweets by anyone against Narendra Modi, he himself keeps tweeting such stuff that would make sane public go against him immediately.

Here is the cartoon that Arvind Kejriwal tweeted:

See how highly this person thinks of himself.

As expected, Twitter did not miss the chance to make fun of Arvind Kejriwal:

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