As CPI(M) and Sitaram Yechury conduct experiments with Hindutva, Twitter explodes with funny tweets

Earlier, the CPI(M) had decided to dedicate itself to the Malayalam month of Karkidakkam (July 17 to August 16), which is observed as a month dedicated to Ramayana. The Ramayana observance month will be organized by a Sanskrit Sangh on behalf of the party.

Although CPI(M) were quick to decline this as fake news spread by the Pgurus team, they were unable to attribute the same news reported by Mathrubhumi, a leading Malayalam news source.

Pgurus in their article, have referred to a source from a Malayalam media, which had also been referred by SatyaVijayi.

Apart from Pgurus and Mathrubhumi, several leading news outlets from Times of India to Hindustan Times have reported the same news, all of them have clearly mentioned how CPI(M) will not directly be involved in this occasion but this Ramayana month will be observed by a Sanskrit Sangh, which is a representative of the party.

A news report from 2015 suggested similar tactics was employed by the party to celebrate Krishna Jayanti in Kerala, this apparently was done in order to battle the communal agenda employed by BJP in the state. An MLA from the party, went on record to confirm this.

“Parents love to see their kids dressed like Lord Krishna, we are only giving them an opportunity to do it, and there Is nothing wrong in that. Some local committees in Kannur are encouraging it, there is nothing wrong. We have told those local committees there is nothing wrong in it. When the BJP used such occasions to further their communal agenda, we need to counter it.”, Alapuzha MLA Thomas Issac said in an interview to The News Minute.

Last Sunday, Mr. Yechury was addressing a seminar on the “Electoral reforms – necessity” organised by the Bahujan Left Front in Hyderabad on 15th July 2018. “BJP came to power with just 31% total mandate, the results mean that 69% voted against the ruling party and the Prime Minister. But they are continuing in power. This has to be changed,” he said.

But what made headlines was that the CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury participated in the Bathukamma Bonalu in Hyderabad and was seen offering floral kalash to Goddess Maha Kali. Although there has been no rebuttal of this news from CPI(M)’s twitter handle yet, Indian Twitterati have exploded with tweets on this incident.