As the nation unites, terror apologists finding it difficult to get away

When the entire nation was mourning the loss of the lives of more than 44 CRPF jawans in Pulwama attacks, many on social media were spotted celebrating the utter cowardly act. However, with the entire nation united and angry over what happened, such people are finding it difficult to escape from wrath of the public.

In Assam, one Papri Banerjee, an assistant professor at Icon commerce college, made an objectionable Facebook post, attempting to justify the suicide attack on the security personnel with certain unfounded allegations. Her post was mass reported, which resulted in police taking cognizance of the matter. Meanwhile the institution she works at has also suspended her till the matter is resolved.

Papri Banerjee’s post

suspension letter from the Icon Commerce college

Apart from complaining to police, people are also reporting such posts to the employers and educational institutions. This tactics is proving out to be successful as well. In many cases, people spotted supporting the attacks have been fired or suspended from their jobs or institutions, on the basis of public complaints. NIMS University Jaipur has reportedly suspended four students for making objectionable posts about the Pulwama attacks on social media.

In West Bengal, the angry patriots perhaps went even a few steps further to take the law in their hands and vandalise the house of a young woman, who had made Facebook post justifying the attacks. Another youth from West Bengal, Debjit Bhattacharya, an ultra left activist, also had to face similar wrath of the people. His Facebook post, in which he did not only supported the attacks but also called for the separation of Kashmir from India, faced flak from the people.

People enmass, reported against Debjit to Kolkata police after which a case was initiated. His Facebook profile was taken down shortly after, and we are yet to hear on what happened with him.