Ashamed to be a TMC supporter: Daughter of Biggest Muslim leader of TMC lashes out at Mamata Govt over doctors strike

Amid growing doctors movement in West Bengal, the pressure is increasingly mounting on the Mamata Banerjee led Government. And now making things even worse, the daughter of TMC’s biggest Muslim leader Firhad Hakim, has now come out against the government.

Shabba Hakim, who herself is a doctor, expressed her her disappointment with the way Government handled the situation. She said she was ‘ashamed to be a TMC supporter.

“If there was a bus or taxi strike not one taxi driver or bus driver would provide you with any service no matter how dire the situation. For those saying’ Ono Rugider ki dosh? (what’s the fault of other patients)’ Please question the government as in why the police officers posted in government hospitals do little to nothing to protect doctors? Please question them that when 2 truckload of goon showed up why wasn’t back up sent immediately? Please question why goons are still surrounding hospitals and beating up doctors? We have a right to peaceful protest. We have a right to safety at work,” she wrote.

The opposition has demanded that Mamata Banerjee give up the portfolio of health and family welfare that she handles over the government’s failure to protect doctors.

Ms Banerjee, however, blamed the opposition BJP and the CPM of being in league and conspiring to create this situation.