ASI says Mahabharata much older than previously believed, new proposed timeline more close to traditional Hindu chronology

The recently discovered findings by the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) suggest that the incidents and more specifically the war mentioned in the epic Mahabharata may be older than previously believed. The ASI on this past Friday claimed that the Mahabharata could be as old as 1500-2000 BCE, against the presently believed era of 900-1000 BCE.

Development comes amid ongoing excavation at Sangauli, a site just 68kms away from Delhi. Last year, the ASI had unearthed a war chariot and seven skeletons from the site. The chariot was purportedly pulled by by a horse.

The archaeologists have also dug a rusted bow and arrow, a burial site, war shields, whip, torch, an antennae sword with hilt and ochre-coloured pottery from the Sanauli site. A discussion on the same was carried out on Friday by the director of ASI’s Institute of Archaeology, Sanjay Manjul.

These findings were discussed on Friday by the director of the ASI’s Institute of Archaeology, Sanjay Manjul, who had carried out the Sanauli excavation. Manjul said the war chariot found at the site was the first discovery of its kind and that after advanced testing it was found to be “a horse-pulled” one, which brings the site “closer to the culture of Mahabharata”.

Incidentally, the newly proposed timeline for the Mahabharata is more closer to the traditional chronology of the Hindus. As per Hindu scriptures, Mahabharata War had taken place around 5,000 years ago, following which the current era of darkness (Kali-Yuga) began.