Asifa and the Politics of Tragedy

Media was quick to single out and shame Hindu nationalists not just for allegedly shielding the accused but also for motivating the crime. The crime was somehow an example of Hindu nationalists treading the path their Guru Savarkar had set for them, this is what Scroll would like you to believe. This re-post came just after Asifa’s case blew up in the media.

The article has already received widespread criticism but that is subject for some other day, the context is what matters right now.

Barkha Dutt writes in The Washington Post – “Hindu ‘nationalists’ defend accused rapists and shame India”. Taking potshots at Hindu nationalists, their chosen nemesis, is still bearable for us and can be responded to. But the naked hypocrisy that MSM indulged in after this can never be forgiven. Ram and Sita were invoked, Ram Bhakts had raped the little Muslim girl. Bloodied stones with Jai Shree Ram written on them were circulated. An atmosphere of collective guilt was manufactured to win political brownie points.  This was not about the victim anymore, or about bringing her justice. This was about politics and politics alone.

Let us make one thing clear, the probability that a piece of news gets a national and international reach depends on it making through some arbitrary filters or unspoken rules that have been set by media bosses. Some rapes are more equal than the others. The barbarity or gory details of the act are insignificant; nor does the frequency or statistic matter. Assam saw 87 brutal rapes committed by Bangladeshi Muslims in the last month but that did not qualify to become a rape epidemic. A 12-year-old girl was raped, doused in kerosene and burnt alive in Assam’s Nagaon last month. A disturbing video had surfaced in which the girl before dying had identified the perpetrator as one Jakir Hussain. All this was but small news, the rapists were not Muslims and neither were the girls Hindu. No one knows the name of the girls who died, their photographs were not circulated, Bollywood fraternity did not carry placards for them, Barkha Dutt did not invoke the services of her overseas media connections to generate awareness for them. Why? Because it does not serve their purpose. They cannot abuse Hindu nationalists in these cases.

What is the conclusion then? The victim does not matter; the victim is but a means to an end. As long as the end is served they will use all resources at their disposal to name and shame Hindus. What else explains making public the name and photograph of the girl that died? – if not to capitalize on this collective Hindu guilt and turn it against their political rivals. “Asifa was raped inside a temple”. “She was raped after the pujari had performed his rituals”. These details are important. They make the case special. They bring out emotions of self-guilt.

[Ram Bhakts raped the girl.]
(Followers of Mohammad can never be named. Neither can pedophilia in Church be linked with Christianity but Rama Bhakts have shown infinite tolerance for denigration and abuse. Isliye chalta hai)

[Ram Bhakts smashed her head with a stone. How heartless of them!]

BUT! You ask. Weren’t BJP ministers and Hindu Ekta Manch supporting the rapists?

Nothing can be farther from the truth. Only difference between us and them is that we lack the nuance, foresight and capacity of hypocrisy at this big a scale – they don’t. Hindu Ekta Manch and Jammu Lawyers were protesting for a fair CBI inquiry into the matter because there is sufficient reason to believe that the SIT sent from Kashmir and headed by Irfan Wani was compromised. Irfan Wani had faced charges of murder of a boy and rape of her sister in illegal custody in 2007. The residents claimed that the team was randomly picking up their boys and torturing them under the pretext of interrogation, by February many residents had left their homes and were demanding a fair investigation by CBI. It was in support of these people that the Hindu Ekta Manch and Jammu Lawyers joined the protest.

Rita Banerji is a women’s rights activist and the head of 50 Million Missing Campaign that fights female infanticide. She had this to say about the suspiciously detailed charge sheet that the J&K police has filed in record time.

I’d like to ask, IF after a fair investigation the details of the charge-sheet that are being used to systematically name and shame Hindus, – if they are proven false who will apologize on behalf of the media fraternity?