Assam AIUDF chief Badaruddin Azmal calls for Muslim unity against hindus

In an attempt to polarise the state and divide it on communal lines Assam AIUDF chief Badaruddin Azmal had called for muslims to unite against hindus in a rally in Assam.

What is seen as an attempt to polarize Hindu-Muslim votes ahead of 2016 assembly polls, chief of All India United Democratic Front ( AIUDF) Maulana Badruddin Ajmal comment that Hindus in Assam have united after the Prime minister; Narendra Modi’s visit to Assam on January 19 has stirred controversy.

Ajmal in a rally on Friday said that minorities in Assam must unite. “Hindus have united after Modi’s visit to Assam, it time for the minorities to unite.

An FIR is filed in a police station in Guwahati against Ajmal. BJP has demanded arrest of Ajmal under National Security Act.

BJP MP and former union minister Bijoya Chakraborty countered and said Ajmal has proved that he is the Sardar (boss) of Bangladeshis. BJP MP added, “Ajmal has prepared a blueprint for communal violence between the Hindus and the Muslims ahead of election in the state. But he must remember Assam is known for its secular image. The DGP Assam earlier said efforts are on in the social media to unite the Muslims and join the ISIS. I suspect if Ajmal is playing a role here. He is uniting the Muslims against the Hindus. Assam government should take strong note of the design.”

She added that Assam never had any communal riot. “Ajmal, the so-called leader of the Muslims, is hatching a plot. Ajmal should be arrested.
Assam is a sensitive state and his utterances could be the reason for communal passion ahead of polls.