Attack on youth BJP members meeting in kolkata allegedly by goons supported by TMC

Kolkata: Goons allegedly belonging to the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) in West Bengal, attacked a party meeting of youth BJP in Lake Town area of Kolkata. The goons manhandled the youth BJP workers and threatened them to stop the meeting immediately.

The meeting that was only meant for BJP workers was taking place inside the house of Debottam Das who is the youth President of Kolkata’s Bidhannagar Northwest Mandal. At the middle of the meeting some people who are allegedly local workers of TMC, forced their way into the private building and asked to stop the meeting immediately in a threatening manner. They also physically assaulted several youth BJP workers present, including host and local youth President Debottam Das.

Condemning the attack, local youth BJP President Debottam Das called this an attack on democracy and alleged that the Mamata Banerjee led Trinamool Congress is trying to crush the opposition politics in the state.

“The TMC goons forced into my house and assaulted me during our meeting. I call this an attack on democracy. The ruling regime is trying to crush opposition politics but we won’t let that happen. I strongly condemn this utterly shameful attempt of crushing the opposition. We’ll take legal action against those goons, as per instructions from our district and state leadership,” said Debottam Das.

The TMC goons allegedly given a ultimatum to all present at the meeting to leave within five minutes or be ready to face consequences. However those in the meeting did not leave but instead immediately informed the local police station and continued the meeting as per scheduled program.

As per the allegations of BJP workers the goons also used the name of local MLA and firebrand TMC leader Sujit Bose to threaten them. Though TMC sources have denied all the allegations and called the entire incident as a clash between factions of BJP.

With the major victory in Tripura, now top BJP leaderships has its eyes set on Bengal. The tensions between BJP and TMC are only expected escalate in coming days.