Attacks and killings of Hindus Never Retaliated to by anyone

Attacks and killings of Hindus never retaliated to by anyone

How the Hindus were oppressed but never once retaliated

   The Indian media, captured by the Leftist liberals, has always infuriated the Muslims in India, by claiming of ‘injustice’ , ‘discrimination’ and ‘atrocities’. This media rationalizes even acts of terrorism on grounds of some ‘provocation’ like demolition of Babri Masjid (ignoring hundreds of temples demolished before and after that). 
There were hundreds of temples demolished in Pakistan and Bangladesh after that. This article gives just an indication of what happened in Pakistan in just 1 day after Babri demolition. A lot more happened after that also. 

The Hindu % in India has been constantly reducing right since the first census in 1881, during British times. The Hindu population in divided India has already reduced from 85 % in 1951 to 79.8% in 2011. In United India the Hindu population was 79% in 1881, down to 73% at the time of Partition in 1947, and is now 62% in 2011. The Muslim population has risen from 19% in 1881 to 24% at the time of Partition and is 36% now in United India, i.e. in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh together. Hindus have reduced from 56% in Kerala in 2001 to 53% in 2011, a whopping 3% decline in a mere 10 years. And this is official. In actual, there are many people who have converted to Christianity but remain Hindus officially to get reservation benefits. The Hindus are already in minority in reality in Kerala, and even officially, are barely 53% or so. It is only a matter of time before this happens all over India.

   And yet, the sub-text of all ‘secularist’ commentary is the same, the same as it has been for the past 100 years- it is condemning the Hindu community, demonizing the Hindus, expressing concern about ‘Hindu communalism’ and condemning BJP and the Sangh Parivar whereas the Hindus are becoming a minority. Some Academicians claim to have ‘returned their awards’ in protest against ‘Incidents like the Dadri killing’ (that was a gruesome tragedy, undoubtedly). Did these Academicians ever protest the below killings or return their awards over that? Also, the Academics did not return the award money, neither the actual amount, nor the amount with interest! That can hardly be called as ‘Returning the Award’.

   Some years ago in 2008, some 40 acres of land was to be given in Kashmir for Amarnath pilgrims convenience, and this saw the entire Valley in flames with massive anti-India protests, with the message being spread that ‘This settlement is for the purpose of making Muslims a minority in Kashmir’. In reality, the Hindus have fled from Kashmir, Muslims are more than 99% in Kashmir, and with 40 acres of land they put the Valley on fire with the fear of becoming a minority. In India, the Hindu % is continuously reducing, right since the first census in 1881, Hindus have already become a minority in Kerala and yet there is no expression of any concern.  Within 200 years, Hindus will be a minority in divided India (and within 2050 in United India) and within 50 years after that, disappear into extinction.

   Look at Myanmar- what it did to safeguard its religion, it passed a law having birth control for Muslims (Not more than 2 children) and also a law whereby non-Muslim women marrying Muslims would need to register their marriage. But in India, Muslims are allowed to marry 4 times while Hindus only once, a suicidal Dodo-type policy. For this benefit of marrying more than once, many Hindus convert to Islam.

   Here let us see the grievances of Hindu organizations only, not even the ordinary Hindus.

   There have been many attacks and killings of Hindu activists, but the RSS and the Sangh Parivar have never ever retaliated. Those who are called ‘fascists’ are actually very tolerant, to the point of overtolerance. Let us see just some of the cases of killings and attacks on Hindu activists, for which never was any retaliation done.

   In 1948 after Gandhi ji’s murder RSS men were ruthlessly crushed by the Nehru Government. In fact, one day before Gandhiji’s murder, on 29th Jan 1948 Nehru was reported to have said that: “He will crush the RSS”. The so-called Gandhians, who claim to present the other cheek when slapped on one, horribly attacked the RSS workers, sympathizers and specially Marathi Brahmins, even though they were all innocent, whereas as per Gandhian philosophy they should have presented their cheek even if they had been guilty. No court ever found the RSS responsible in any way, and Nathuram Godse himself made it clear several times that he and he alone was responsible for Gandhiji’s killing. The Justice Kapur Commission appointed by the Congress Government also said that RSS could not be held responsible. But, without any evidence, houses of RSS men were burnt, looted and cadres killed also.The press of the Marathi newspaper Tarun Bharat was burnt. And yet, even this did not provoke a single act of retaliation.

   After more than 50 years of false defamation of RSS on this issue, The Statesman, English daily from New Delhi and Kolkata, tendered an unconditional apology to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) for its editorial-Not illegal but stupid-published on 29-05-2000, in which it had alleged that the ‘RSS was an organisation which killed Gandhi’. It may be recalled that on the publication of the above mentioned editorial, Shri Darshan Lal Jain, Prant Sanghchalak of Haryana, filed a complaint under section 499/500 Cr.P.C. on September 26, 2000, through Shri Pradeep Garg, advocate, against the newspaper for its defamatory remarks, in the court of Shri Atul Maria, Judicial Magistrate, Class-I, Jagadhari.  Shri C.R. Irani, Shri Ravindra Kumar and Shri Saubhik Chakraborty appeared before the court in person on March 28, 2003 and were bailed out on furnishing the surety of Rs 7000 each. The other two accused were again required to appear before the court on September 27, 2003. On their failure to appear, bailable warrants were issued against Sudhir Kumar. Shri Suman Kapoor, advocate, High Court Delhi, counsel for the accused, made an offer of compromise on September 27, 2003 to apologise unconditionally for the defamatory comments. In an application filed for the admission of the compromise, The Statesman stated that it had gone through the defamatory write-up. They also admitted that the allegations made by the accused against RSS are absolutely wrong and baseless and all the accused tender unconditional apology for the same. “In fact, the accused had no intention to insult or defame this esteemed and patriotic organisation i.e. the RSS and this publication was flashed in the column of our paper due to some misunderstanding.” On publication of the unconditional apology on the front page of the Statesman of Delhi and Kolkata, Siliguri, Bhubneshwar on 11-10-2003, the case was withdrawn on 14-10-2003 by the complainant. The Full text of The Statesman’s Front paged apology on 11 Oct 2003 was: 

   “An apology: In an editorial entitled “Double Standard – Not Illegal but Stupid” (The Statesman, 29-30 May 2000), we had described the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh as “the organisation that killed Gandhi”. This was incorrect, and unsupported by both facts and the record. We express regrets for the publication and apologise unconditionally for the anguish and mental torture caused to members of the organisation. This apology follows in the case “Darshan Lal Jain Vs CR Irani and others” in the court of Mr Atul Marya, Ld, Judicial Magistrate 1st class, Jagadhri (Haryana) in which the complainant was being represented by Mr Pardeep Garg, Advocate. 

    RSS office was bombed in Chennai on 8 August 1993 killing 11. Out of these 11, six were full-time pracharaks, very important in RSS, not just ordinary workers. And out of these six, 5 were senior pracharaks. RSS thus lost 11 of its members, including 6 high-level officials. It also injured many RSS workers. But the RSS did not do even one act of revenge.

   In 1995 the Hindu Munnani office was also bombed.

   Two bombs were planted in RSS HQ in Nagpur in May 2001, both were defused before they exploded. 3 terrorists attacked RSS HQ again on 1 June 2006 and their attack was foiled at the very last moment.

   In 1981, Hindu Munnani leader Thirukovilur Sundaram was murdered at R. S. Puram in Coimbatore by Islamic fundamentalists.

  In 1994, Hindu Munnani chief Rajagopalan was also murdered in the state by Muslims. 6 people got life imprisonment for this. 

    During the Khalistani separatist struggle in Punjab (1981-93), hundreds of RSS and BJP men were killed by the Khalistanis, yet this did not provoke a single act of retaliation. As just one example, on 25 June, 1988 at Moga 26 RSS volunteers were killed. 22 were injured in an indiscriminate firing in Nehru Park. (Just one link: )

  When in ca. 1990, and again in 1996, Communist militants started killing RSS men in Kerala, the RSS was very slow to react in kind. Actually, more than 800 RSS men were killed from 1994 to 2002 itself. As just an example 2 RSS men were killed in Kerala on 28 May 2010. 

 Belgium-based world famous scholar Dr Koenraad Elst has written in his book “BJP vis-à-vis Hindu Resurgence” (Voice of India, 1997):

   “The Islamic bomb attacks on Sangh centres in Chennai and elsewhere, the murders of BJP politicians in UP, Mumbai and elsewhere, they all have not provoked any counter-attacks.  Anti-Hindu governments in Bihar (of Laloo Yadav) and West Bengal (of Left Front) have achieved some success in preventing the growth of sizable RSS chapters by means of ruthless intimidation and violence, all without having to fear any RSS retaliation.

The mass killing of Hindus in East Bengal in 1971 and the constant petty terrorizing of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh to chase them out have not moved Hindus in India to retaliate in any way; they never even talk about it.  By contrast, a single murder by a Hindu, that of Gandhi himself, was enough to throw the Hindutva movement off course for decades.  There is no dearth of Hindu soft-brains who feel guilty for the Ayodhya demolition, and who preach that Hindus should make amends for it.”

   In 1996 BJP’s Kannur district secretary Panniyan Chandran was killed by alleged CPM cadres in front of his wife. BJP suffered a major setback after the murder of Panniyan Chandran.

   On 1 Dec 1999 the very popular BJYM Kerala state Vice-President was murdered. KT Jayakrishnan, a school teacher, was hacked to death in December 1999 in his classroom in front of his students. The Additional Sessions Judge K K Chandra Das gave the verdict on the case in Aug 2003, which had created a storm in the state political circles. 5 CPM cadres were given death penalty. 

This was also confirmed by the High Court. The court confirmed the sentences and observed that the murder was committed inside a classroom in front of the students. The accused had not made any attempt to conceal their identities. The Kerala High Court judge said “the accused trespassed into the classroom and translated their evil design into action by committing the murder of K.T. Jayakrishnan in an extremely brutal, grotesque, diabolical, revolting and dastardly manner”. 

 CPM activists demonstrated in front of the Sessions Court and High Court after the verdict. They shouted slogans against the judges and even threatened to kill them. This CPM, which gives long lectures to BJP and RSS on honoring court verdicts openly burnt the effigies of the judge throughout the state (Kerala) and some cadres even threatened to kill him.

All the five convicts submitted their appeal to the Supreme Court against the death penalty. But, in a sudden development, the CPM-led Kerala government replaced the public prosecutor with a weak person. As expected in one of the blackest day in Indian Judiciary the Supreme Court itself acquitted the daylight murderer accused of Jayakrishnan inspite of many witnesses in a bench consisting of who else but Markendey Katju!

    U Chittaranjan, the Bharatiya Janata Party MLA for Bhatkal was shot dead on April 10, 1996 in his house. Chittaranjan’s murder was the first incident in the State (Karnataka) where an MLA was shot dead. The Central Bureau of Investigation, which is probing the murder, had not arrested the assailants who shot the BJP MLA while he was watching television at his house in the communally sensitive Bhatkal town, for at least 10 years after his murder. In fact, the CBI made a plea to actually close the case,which was turned down by the court.

   Dr V Shridhar, the BJP city unit chief of Trichy was murdered on 2 February 1999. 6 activists of the banned Al Umma were convicted for this murder. 

  BJP Medical Wing Secretary Dr Arvind Reddy was murdered in Vellore in October 2012. Dr V Arvind Reddy (38), the BJP State Medical Wing Secretary and Indian Medical Association (IMA) Vellore Branch President, was murdered in front of the diabetic clinic owned by him.

Vellaiyappan, an activist and the Tamil Nadu State Secretary of the Hindu Munnani, was murdered near the Muthu Mandapam on the banks of the Palar River behind the New Bus Stand on 2 July 2013.

Four RSS officials, not ordinary workers, but high level officials (and full time workers, as they call them, pracharaks) were kidnapped on 6 August 1999 in Tripura, held captive for over a year and brutally tortured and killed. 

Those abducted and later declared killed were: kshetra karyavah (zonal general secretary) of West Bengal, Assam and the North-East Shyamal Kanti Sengupta, pracharak working in southern Assam Dinendranath Dey, Agartala vibhag pracharak (area-in-charge) Sudhamay Dutta, and district pracharak Subhankar Chakravarty. They were all abducted from a Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram-run students’ hostel in Tripura’s Kanchanchhada area. The NLFT confessed its crime.

Of course, this did not provoke a single act of retaliation from anyone.

 Four RSS workers i.e. swayamsewaks were brutally murdered at Sonakhali village under Basanti police station in South 24 Pargana district on 10 February 2001 . The swayamsevaks had gone there to organise a meeting of RSS members on February 11. RSS vibhag pracharak for North and South 24 Parganas district, Tapan Ghosh, said that five RSS swayamsevaks went to the village to collect coconuts and other eatables from villagers for the meeting as donations. The swayamsevaks were: Abhijit Sardar (Mahakuma Sharirik Pramukh), Patitpaban Naskar (Mandal Karyavah), Sujit Naskar, Anadi Naskar and Bikarna Naskar. When they reached near the house of Anwar Hossain Sardar, a local Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) activist, in the Village, they were accosted by a gang of armed men led by Anwar.The RSS swayamsevaks were forced to sit on a wooden bench outside the house and then the assailants killed four of them by firing from their guns at pointblank range. In the melee, Bikarna Naskar escaped from their clutches and informed the local RSS office about the murders. The Basanti police station was immediately informed by the RSS office but the police initially did not pay any attention to the complaint. The police arrived in the village five hours after the brutal murders of the four RSS swayamsevaks. 

  This is a well-established fact and on the fourth anniversary of that, there was a massive blood donation program organised at that place where 160 people, including a girl, donated blood.  Of course, no retaliation.

   In 1998 the Coimbatore blasts killed 58 people, mostly Hindus and majority of them BJP workers. L K Advani was nearly killed in those deadly blasts. To add insult to injury, the then Congress Party chief Sitaram Kesri alleged that RSS did the Coimbatore blasts.

After this, the RSS sued Sitaram kesri and there were reports that he denied having made the allegation. But he then denied having denied the allegation and stuck to his charge. Asked about the reported theft at the home of BJP vice-president O Rajagopal, Kesri said, “An RSS hand is possible in this episode too.”

An incident like the deadly Coimbatore blasts nearly killing Advani and killing 58 people, most of whom were BJP workers also were not enough to melt the heart of Sitaram Kesri and the Congress made such a reckless and insensitive statement. Alleging that RSS killed 58 people when RSS did not have anything to do with it and in fact most of the victims were BJP RSS people only, is very inhuman.

Not just this, the party fully backed this charge. The Tamil Nadu unit president of the party did not have any melt of heart even after the deadly blasts nearly killing Advani.

But did this not provoke any retaliation from BJP or RSS anywhere in the country, also not on the Congress.

On 5 July 2013 nearly 15 RSS activists, other Hindu leaders and activists from Animal Protection Forum were injured in an unexpected attack at Muslim dense Islampur area near HAL at Bangalore. RSS Halasur Nagar Karyavah Anjaneyalu was seriously injured, his condition was critical, said a local RSS leader. Strangely, everything happened in the presence of police on 4 July night.

Sunil Kumar, district secretary of the Hindu Aikya Vedi and taluka karyawah of the RSS in Chirayinkeezhu was murdered by Islamic radicals on 9 May 2006. He was also the local agent for the BJP’s Malayalam mouthpiece Janmabhumi, and was reportedly killed while going to pick up the newspaper bundles at about 5.30 am.

Shreeshailam Veettil Vishal (19), was murdered on 17 July 2012 at Chengannur of Alappuzha district in Kerala for which Islamic radicals were arrested.

BJP leader, Thimmappa Naik, was murdered in Karnataka during the Assembly elections held in April-May 2004. There was a massive delay in arresting the culprits.

All these did not provoke a single act of retaliation.

Bajrang Dal activist and leading lawyer Lalit Kumar Jain was murdered in April 2002 in Maharashtra in Bhiwandi. He was a lawyer who would fight cases of the Hindus accused of rioting in Gujarat free of charge. The accused in his murder was also accused in the Mumbai blasts in Mulund in 2003. VHP leader and advocate Manoj Raicha was shot at on 3 August 2012 again in Bhiwandi by the same accused. The accused Saquib Nachan was arrested in this connection in August 2012 again. In 2011, Nachan allegedly threatened to eliminate Raicha. The advocate, who is fighting against illegal slaughterhouses in the Konkan region, informed the Thane police about Nachan’s threat and was provided with round-the-clock police cover and yet he was shot at.

The examples quoted above are just a few out of hundreds.

 Belgium-based world-famous scholar Dr Koenraad Elst has written: “You wouldn’t guess it from their polished convent-school English, their trendy terminology, or their sanctimoniousness, but the likes of Romila Thapar, Irfan Habib or Gyanendra Pandey have blood on their hands.  The wave of Muslim violence after the Ayodhya demolition (and the boomerang of police repression and Shiv Sena retaliation) was at least partly due to the disinformation by supposed experts who denied that the disputed building had a violent iconoclastic prehistory, and implied that Hindus can get away with concocted history in their attacks on innocent mosques.  This disinformation gave Muslim militants the sense of justification needed to mount a “revenge” operation and to mobilize decent Muslims for acts of violence which they never would have committed if they had known the truth about Islam’s guilt in Ayodhya.”

   Bhure Lal, former IAS officer who had also served in the Army in Vigilance Commission and is a highly respected expert wrote in his book “The Monstrous face of ISI” (published in early 2000 just after Kargil) on pp 44-45-

 “The ISI resorts to the following:

…5-Infiltrate and capture mass media and identify pro-Islamic newspapers and asking them to write pro-Pakistani and pro-Islamic articles.

 6-Spreading disinformation through media that Indian Muslims are victimized.

 7-Indentifying Indian politicians who thrive on Bangladeshi Muslim vote bank so that they can be protected against police and other administrative action…

12- The agency had set up a ‘disinformation’ cell and planted ‘stories’ designed to denigrate India. The ISI has funds placed at its disposal to manipulate news. …

15-The ISI employed tens of thousands of agents, “including at least every other newspaper reporter”


      Here a couple of things do come to mind. The media keeps on instigating Muslims as ‘victims’ repeatedly raising the Babri demolition, and the post-Godhra riots. It can be seen many times that terrorists like Hafiz Saeed (the alleged mastermind of 26/11) keeps saying “Muslims will avenge Babri demolition, post-Godhra, Samjhauta killings”. A large part of the blame here goes to the Indian media. It is an established fact that before 6 Dec 1992, 37 temples were demolished in (Indian) Kashmir. After 6 Dec, at least 160 temples were demolished in Kashmir under Indian control. Here we will not even talk about the hundreds of temples demolished in Pakistan and Bangladesh right since 1947, and especially after 6 Dec 1992. Weren’t these ‘enough’ to avenge one Babri demolition? Had the media repeatedly raised these facts, of 200 temples demolished in Kashmir before and after 6 Dec, and hundreds in Pakistan and Bangladesh, the sense of infuriation among the Muslims would  have been much less. It is not that there would have been no sense of infuriation. Because the terrorists who attack and kill do so thinking that it is their duty to ‘convert or kill’ all non-Muslims, and specially idol-worshiping and worshiping more than 1 God (polytheism) are unforgivable sins. Hindus who are idolators and polytheists are to be severally crushed, according to this ideology. But ordinary Muslims are not terrorists, and their sense of infuriation would have been much less.

   As a matter of fact, after that in March 1993 occurred the terrible Mumbai bomb blasts which killed 257 people, injured many more and inflicted damage worth hundreds of crores. Since no one was killed in Babri demolition (except the karsewaks), a structure that was anyway long-abandoned by Muslims in 1934, which was on a sacred Hindu site, wasn’t this more than enough revenge? Actually seen in the correct context, Babri demolition itself was absolutely nothing Muslims should have had infuriation about had they truly known the reality- as Koenraad Elst said. But here it is media which is guilty of reporting inflammatorily by needlessly infuriating Muslims even more. As for the post-Godhra riots, the less said the better. The media truly has blood on its hands because of its one-sided and inflammatory reporting of Godhra and after.   

(Courtesy: Written with due permission.)